Support Requested for Passing High Speed ​​Train from Düzce

support requested for fast train passes
support requested for fast train passes

Crimean Tatar Organizations Platform, consultation meeting was held in Ankara. Speaking at the meeting attended by the administration of the Association of Crimean Turks of Duzce, the President of the Association of Crimean Turks of Duzce Osman Kesen, has long been involved in initiatives to pass the High Speed ​​Train from Düzce asked for support from the participants.

Buyuk Anadolu Hotel in Ankara from the meeting held at the Crimean Tatar Diaspora in Turkey 43 3 associations and foundations consisting of the heads and representatives of associations. From the Crimean Turks Association of Düzce; Osman Kesen, President of the Association; The meeting, where Ertan Ölmez, Erkan Gürol and Recep Girgin were also present, started with the opening speech of the President of the Crimean Tatar Organizations Platform and the President of the Crimean Development Foundation.

As the meeting chairman; Majlis Amal Turkey Representative and Head of Crimea Foundation, producer and director, was determined Zafer Karatay. Karatay, agenda topics and asked the opinions of the participants about the session.

The most important agenda items at the meeting were: “The unlawful invasion of Homeland Crimea by Russia is unacceptable ve and“ Stopping the persecution of our Crimean comrades ”.

Representatives of the associations and organizations who participated in the meeting explained their opinions and their activities in turn.

Meeting, Eskişehir deputy Utku Çakıröz is connected by Skype newly established Grand National Assembly of Turkey Overseas Communities Turks and relatives reported his work on the Crimean Tatars in the Commission.

As a result of the meeting, “We will not accept the illegal invasion of Crimea by our homeland. It was decided that the persecution of our comrades living in the Crimea was a shame of humanity and that the violations had to end. ”

Osman Kesen, the President of the Association of Crimean Turks in Düzce, gave information after passing the High Speed ​​Train route supported by Düzce Crimean Turks Association and asked for support. At the end of the meeting, the Crimean Turks took a souvenir photo in front of the ”We want a high-speed train” poster.

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