National High Speed ​​and Rail System Vehicles should be produced in TÜLOMSAŞ

spindle yht and rail system vehicles must be produced in tulomsasta
spindle yht and rail system vehicles must be produced in tulomsasta

In Eskişehir, IYI Party launched a petition campaign titled “National High Speed ​​Train and Rail System Vehicles Should Be Produced in TÜLOMSAŞ”.

Speaking at the signing campaign in front of TÜLOMSAŞ, Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ektaş said, ortak The common effort and objective of all of us is to increase the welfare level of our country and our city. The way to increase the welfare level is to turn to high-technology-based value-added goods production rather than low-value investment areas such as construction and agriculture. This is what we need to do for our province. However, in the last published “Livable Cities” rankings, unfortunately our city has decreased to the inci investment capacity X in terms of 32.

This means that in the future even lower incomes below the national average and unemployment figures above the national average. On the other hand, ENTİL, HAPALKİ DÖKÜM and TARKON MAKİNE, which is one of the important industrial and employment institutions of our city, entered into the factories which are affected negatively by the economic crisis environment of our country and came to the closure stage due to not seeing enough support. Our 500 worker, who works in these factories, has not been able to get a salary for 4 months and cannot take bread to their homes. In addition to these large factories, we know that many small businesses have locked their doors, are going to reduce or completely shut down workers and some of our big brands have cut production. The factories of TOPRAK Holding have been left to rot for years. Without effective and sustainable solutions to the problem of investment and employment, it is inevitable that our city will be included in the imkansız impossible-to-live cities ”list in a short time. The factory, which we are standing in front of, is specialized in manufacturing locomotives, wagons and other railway vehicles since 1894, which was founded as Cer Atolyeleri. This national industrial organization, where the first Turkish steam locomotive Karakurt was built in the year 1961 and the first Turkish Automobile REVOLUTION in the same year, has produced hundreds of locomotives and thousands of freight cars of various types.

Currently, across the country 1100 known to work with different suppliers TULOMSAS industry than just the opportunity to take bread to thousands of workers home in Eskişehir is bulmaktadır.dig hand, Turkey's most important 500 industrial, computing, intelligent systems, located in inavosyo the Organization Eskisehir organized industry. Our organizations in the organized industrial zone have the economy, technology, human resources, experience and business culture that will contribute and support TÜLOMSAŞ. Under these conditions, it is obvious that TÜLOMSAŞ will build National High Speed ​​Train and all rail system vehicles when given the opportunity with engineers and workers, each of whom specializes in railway vehicles. Thus, the tender specification of the 4.5 High Speed ​​Train Set for the estimated cost of 94 billion Dollars required by TCDD was also put in place by 15 at the rate of N locality,. has been canceled without tender. There hasn't been any positive development in about 05.04.2018 months since the cancellation of the tender..


Ektaş says that Eskişehir deserves “railway investments ile with its accumulation, excitement and motivation.“ Ali Ağaoğlu deserves the support and incentives made to Ethem Sancak's companies in Eskişehir. The needs and demands of Eskişehir are superior to politics, all political parties, MPs, provincial organizations, chambers and unions have duties and responsibilities in this regard. As the GOOD Party family, we are aware of this responsibility. In this context, TÜLOMSAŞ is stated as “local stakeholder” in the purchase specifications of 94 high speed train sets which will be re-tendered in a short time in line with the needs of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. We are initiating a petition campaign to invite the political will to the task with authorized institutions and organizations in order to make the necessary decisions for the production of high speed train sets and all the rail system vehicles by TÜLOMSAŞ. Our signature campaign will continue today between 17.00-17.30 and TULOMSAŞ Road Gate and Cer Door, at the stands to be established around 12-13 on 14 / 2019 / 10.00. We believe that our people will protect the future of TÜLOMSAŞ and Eskişehir, and we invite them to support the campaign with their signatures. ”




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