Sea World and Cable Car 12 Free Until Age

sea ​​world and ropeway law as free
sea ​​world and ropeway law as free

Mayor Turgut Altınok, who participated in the Children's Assembly organized in Keçiören Municipal Assembly within the scope of European Local Democracy Week, wished ve May love and brotherhood win, God bless all the people, especially the children, and the wars end ennis.

As part of the European Local Democracy Week, 46 children, including Portugal, Georgia, Syria, Iraq and Turkish children, received information about the work in the Keçiören Municipal Assembly and held a representative vote. Mayor Turgut Altınok, Mayor of Keçiören gave information about municipal elections, election of municipal councilors and the functioning of the council. Then, with a representative vote, Belinay Ağsak was elected as the Speaker of the Assembly, Fatma Zehra Öztürk and Miran Bulut as the clerk.


Then, as the parliamentary agenda was passed, “0-12 age free use of children from the cable car and the sea world sunul was put to vote and accepted unanimously. President Altinok, the elected President of the Assembly and the clerks for the clerk, "I congratulate you made the right choice, you can be a candidate in the next elections," he said.

KO Put the right goals ”

Mayor Altınok advised children to have a goal and said, yolu The way to be successful is to set the right goal, the goal is not the success of the non-target, you have a goal in life, perseveringly run towards that goal. Don't give up, always be a fighter, get high self-confidence. Stay honest. Then you become an indestructible castle, read the history of civilizations, religions and nations, grow and develop yourself, because the future of nations and states is children and young people. Konu


Var Who wants to be a mayor among you? Altın he asked Altinok, saying: “You will come to these authorities in the future, among you doctors, President, deputies, ministers, aircraft engineers, teachers, engineers will come out. If you grow yourself and we provide the necessary support for your right upbringing, we can move our country where it deserves. Veterans who entrusted the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and our dear Prophet (SAW) read his life. With the hadith of our beloved Prophet (saw), 'Believers are the brothers of the believer', keep in mind the words of Atatürk, 'Peace at home, peace in the world'. Don't upset each other, don't fight, remember that the good always wins. I wish peace and tranquility to the Turkish - Islamic geography. May love and brotherhood win, God bless all people, especially children, and wars end. ”

President Altınok's words and voting were also translated into Arabic, Portuguese and Kurdish by the court clerks. Participation documents were given to children who participated in the children's assembly, and the program ended with collective commemorative photographs.

Darijus Pamparas, United Nations International Organization for Migration Program Manager for International Border Management, Akif Atlı, Ankara Field Manager of the United Nations High Commissioner, visited President Altınok in his office before the program. sohbet they did.

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