Attractive Transformation in Red Crescent Region

red eye
red eye

Renovation works were completed in a short time with the cooperation of Metropolitan Municipality and Çankaya Municipality in Sakarya, Thessaloniki and Tuna Street, which is one of the most intense pedestrian areas of Kızılay.

From the pavement to the pools, from the trees to the seating benches, the area is finally renewed by 1 Street. stage studies were completed.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Science and Technology, Department of Pavement Construction and Maintenance and Repair, using its own teams and facilities instead of subcontractors, provides resources to the municipal budget.

Teams renewing the sidewalks of Yüksel Street, which consisted of three stages by working especially during night hours, and changed its face with landscape works, gave the street a new and modern appearance.

While the works, which were carried out in coordination with Çankaya Municipality and received full marks from the citizens of the capital, were continuing at full speed, construction, maintenance and repair works were started at Karanfil and Konur Street.

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