Realistic Training for Public Transport Drivers with Mobile Bus Simulator

realistic training for public transport drivers with moving bus simulator
realistic training for public transport drivers with moving bus simulator

After the theoretical trainings, the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and Traffic Management provides practical simulation training to the metropolitan public transport drivers carrying 65 thousand passengers a day. Located in the few cities in Turkey "Moving Bus Simulator" using public transport bus drivers in the virtual environment in all weather conditions. Drivers gain real-life driving experience.


Citizens needed by providing quality and reliable public transport service with Turkey's youngest fleet of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, this service while keeping road safety in the forefront. In this context, the Municipality of Public Transport drivers, after the theoretical and practical trainings “Mobile Bus Simulation eğitim provides training.


Within the scope of the trainings given by the Transportation and Traffic Management Department Public Transportation Branch Directorate Training Unit since 2013, drivers receive theoretical and practical trainings. After completing the theoretical training, the driver personnel participate in the simulation training in which many in-vehicle and out-vehicle rules are tested in order to develop driving skills and to enable the drivers to be equipped with vehicle traffic.


In Turkey, only one of the simulators located pieces 4 device "Moving Bus Simulator" in practice, public transport drivers, snowy, sunny, rainy, and with foggy weather options very intense, intense, less intense realism in a virtual environment with different options such as traffic increased in a way bus uses. Trainings carried out under the supervision of expert trainers and public transport drivers; speed, braking, signaling, stopping and taking passengers from the station, such as fuel consumption and successfully completed many stages, applying the awareness gained during the task, the city transport is safer and more economical driving exhibits. Public transportation drivers who are successful in simulation of Kocaeli's major routes in urban transportation are entitled to receive certificates and electronic driver card at the end of the training.

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