Training of Students on Cycling in Traffic

training of students in cycling
training of students in cycling

Kahramanmaraş metropolitan municipality has provided bicycle training to students in Erkenez neighborhood in order to promote bicycle use in urban transportation. The children pedaled their way to school with their educators.

23-27 was organized by the Healthy Cities Association under the scope of the Çocuklar Let's Children Go to School by Bicycle kamp campaign.

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, Healthy Cities Union carried out by the 'Come on Children Bike School' campaign supported. In this context, trainings were given to the students of Erkenez Primary School and Şehit Serkan Bursalı İmam Hatip Middle School. Following the program, students were provided with bicycles by pedaling.

Cycling in Traffic Training

In a statement made by the Directorate of Youth and Sports Branch of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Metropolitan Municipality: olarak As the Metropolitan Municipality, we continue to implement projects aimed at raising awareness of traffic in children and using environmentally friendly means of transport. Within this scope, we provided training for the use of bicycles in traffic. We enabled our students to come to their schools by bicycle. We will continue our activities for our children and young people in this field without interruption. ”

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