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Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Channel Istanbul project, Terkos Lake and Sazlıdere Dam will be disabled by stating that Istanbul may remain dehydrated warning.

CHP Deputy Chairman Muharrem Erkek; stating that the power to ignore nature, trees, animals, water, air and soil for the sake of rent is a disaster. ın Remember that this disaster will negatively affect the future of our children. We need to act with reason and science, not madness. ”

In the ongoing EIA process related to the Channel Istanbul project, the State Airports Authority's scandal changed its views within a week, and this time it was revealed that the same project could leave Istanbul without water.

Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, DSI Department of Surveying, Planning and Allocations, which the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has consulted within the scope of the EIA process, 20 has conveyed its comprehensive opinion on March 2018. In the opinion of EIA; Turkey's vision for the project, the project stated that "during the realization of the project in terms of affecting the drinking water resources Istanbul attention should be paid to certain issues and the necessary measures should be taken" the statement said.

Drinking water line disabled

In the EIA opinion of the Ministry; When the alternative selected as the most suitable corridor of the project was examined, it was seen that the channel reached the Sea of ​​Marmara using the Sazlıdere Dam and Küçükçekmece Lake through the east of Terkos Lake. Terkos Lake feed basin, Terkos-Kağıthane drinking water transmission lines, Terkos-İkitelli Transmission lines cut off the channel and the Sazlıdere Dam was disabled.

'Water loss will be in 70 million cubic meters'

In the article stated that Istanbul's drinking water supply system consists of four legs; Sazlıdere-İkitelli Drinking Water System, which is one of the four legs, was stated to be the Sazlıdere Dam and Terkos Lake. In the opinion article; In the event that the project is carried out as an alternative, a water catchment basin of approximately 20 square kilometers to the east of Lake Terkos will be disabled and the opinion that X There will be a loss of approximately 18 million cubic meters of water “was stated. In the opinion article; With the project, Sazlıdere Dam will also be out of operation and a total loss of 52 million cubic meters will be experienced. “Total water loss is 70 million cubic meters”. In the opinion letter of the Ministry; It is also stated that Sazlıdere-İkitelli system, which will meet the water demand of 5 million population, will be closed for the year.

427 million cubic meters of drinking water will disappear

According to the report of Mahmut Lıcalı from Cumhuriyet, in the opinion letter of the ministry; Considering that the disposal of a total of 140 million cubic meters of drinking water, including 235 million cubic meters of Terkos Lake annually, 52 million cubic meters coming from Yıldız Mountains and 427 million cubic meters supplied from Sazlıdere Dam, could bring Istanbul to face with water shortage in an instant It was emphasized that measures should be taken in this regard.

Risk of salt water

In the opinion letter of the Ministry; the most negative case scenario was given various information. Paper; Although ground surveys and soundings were conducted prior to the project, some unexpected incidents could be encountered in practice.

Yaz This issue is consistent with the work done in the facilities that were done before. In particular, it is not possible to detect fractures and cracks in the rocks by drilling. After opening the canal, it should be taken into consideration that salt water interferes with the Terkos Lake from these fractures and cracks, the water supply of Terkos Lake and the dehydration of a large part of Istanbul may result. ”

Man: Water resources and nature are ignored for the sake of rent

CHP Deputy Chairman Muharrem Erkek, DHMI opinion changed in a week on Channel Istanbul, such as the opinion of the DSI said that the opinion of a great threat. Pointing out that this situation is an example of complete lawlessness and unplanned Male, expressed that the power is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of rent. Man, while the plan of power to channel Istanbul; the meritorious, the country, people, public officials and experts who act in the mind of public interest, he said as a backdrop. For the sake of power rent, nature, trees, animals, water, air and soil is a disaster to ignore the CHP Male stating, “Do not forget that the disaster will affect the future of our children negatively. We need to act with reason and science, not madness..

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