Metro Failures, Metrobus Accidents Imamoglu Against Insidious Sabotage

metro failures metrobus accidents imamogluna as if a sneaky sabotage
metro failures metrobus accidents imamogluna as if a sneaky sabotage

Sözcü Can Ataklı, author of the article published today, drew attention to the problems of transportation in Istanbul, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Ekrem İmamoğlu'a wrote a sabotage can be made against.

Atakli, Imamoglu's election after the election of Istanbul in the overlap of transportation mishaps 'deliberate' on the possibility of writing, he wrote.

Ataklı's article titled met The Ummah collapsed on us bugün was stated in the relevant section of the article:

“I wrote before Ekrem Imamoglu was elected immediately.

I said, “It is as if there is a sneaky sabotage against the Imamoglu administration.

25 will be very difficult for those who have sovereignty in Istanbul for years. Imamoglu should also be prepared for the sabotage. Metro failures, metrobus accidents, pipe bursts can be encountered very often. ”

Then, by showing a few events I have experienced, "I come across this many mishaps on top of one's mind inevitably comes to mind that they may be deliberate," he wrote.

However, these kinds of mishaps do not end. I will list the complaints I received in the last week.

Is it all a coincidence, or are there still people who think that they will reach a place by putting the public in trouble and costing it to Imamoglu?

Last week Monday;

1: 10 in the morning, 00, Yenisahra metro station does not work the electric stairway downhill.

2) Descent ladder to station opposite Kadikoy ferry port does not work 15: 25

3) Watch 15: 45 is again the longest and steepest of the exit stairs of the Yenisahra station.

Other than that, I can't give the place and time but one or two escalators or escalators in metro stations almost every day do not work.

Usually there is a malfunction in the ascents, for some reason they do not set the descent ladder to the exit.

There are strange accidents on the Metrobus line, and even the 15 stop of the flights leads to a flood of people at all stops. ”

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