'Locomotive and Wagon Sector Business Forum' Held in Thrace

locomotive and wagon sector business forum organized in thrace
locomotive and wagon sector business forum organized in thrace

Under the coordination of Trakya Development Agency and Tekirdağ Provincial Directorate of Industry and Technology, Çorlu and Çerkezköy The iş Locomotive and Wagon Sector Business Forum amacıyla was held in cooperation with Chambers of Commerce and Industry to conduct bilateral business meetings with national companies producing wagons and locomotives.

Business Forum; Governor Aziz Yildirim, as well as the Rector of Namık Kemal University. Dr. Mumin Şahin, Çorlu District Cafer Sarılı, Industry and Technology Provincial Director Fahrettin Akcal, Thrace Development Agency Secretary General Mahmut Şahin, Çorlu and Çerkezköy Presidents of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, representatives of the General Directorate of State Railways, and representatives of the main supplier firms from Tekirdağ and surrounding provinces participated.

The opening speeches of the Business Form were made by Fahrettin Akçal, Provincial Director of Industry and Technology and Mahmut Şahin, Secretary General of Thrace Development Agency.

Speaking in the program Governor Yildirim, ”2018 year in the world rail sector market size of approximately 176 billion euros, which corresponds to approximately 192 billion dollars, and again the size of rail vehicles in the world of the signalization of rail vehicles around the size of the 130 billion dollars. Turkey annual market size of railway vehicles in the same way signaling elektrikasyo only 2 billion dollars.

2003-2016 investment in the railway sector in our country between 13-57 years is approximately 4 billion TL. The average of this expenditure is around 380 billion 2023 million annually. 2035-60 In the year 15, 2015, where millions of people live, has a target of taking high speed trains. Completing the railway industry with high technology infrastructure and maximizing domestic production is our second goal. It is also planned to develop transportation infrastructures and systems to ensure the integration of the railway network with other transport sectors. In 4, it is aimed to increase rail freight transportation from 2023 to 15 in 1.1 and passenger transportation, which is XNUMX percent for the same years, is expected to be increased to them.

An investment of $ 2023 billion up to 50 is planned for the investments of high speed trains, subway tram etc. of the municipalities. You know all of the companies that produce and pull vehicles such as locomotive passenger cars, freight cars, trams in our country. This meeting was planned to bring together the main players of the railway sector and the companies operating in the machinery, metal, cable, etc. sectors in our province to make production towards the railway sector.

As you know, 1930 was a fordist in the industrial style. You would do all the parts of a machine you would produce or all the machines and parts of the vehicles you would produce in a factory. This mode of production creates problems when it comes to changing production at any time. Because many machines need to be changed in the same way, which is not possible. This mode of production has reached the 1980. 1980 's tape production style was passed, what does this mean, the design of the car branded factory itself or the company - the company itself is doing all the parts involved in doing the best or who makes the most economical from them in their own design and buy their own factories are brought and brought. they assemble all of them and finally take off as automobiles. Take a look at the tire brand other, battery brand other, windscreen wiper brand other, windscreen or exhaust engine, etc. brands of each other.

In today's world, it has become one of the easy tasks to have it produced in Tekirdağ, one of the beautiful cities of Thrace, and to assemble and put them into service in Eskişehir, Konya, to combine the parts there and turn them into a wagon or locomotive, to take a system of the subway and assemble it there. So, we wanted to bring you together with our valuable industrialists here, so that both sides kazantest. Let our industrialists in Tekirdag produce more, contribute to Turkey's economy, improve themselves, and further reduce the number of parts we buy from abroad.

We are waiting for your help from our esteemed guests coming from outside of Tekirdag. Working together is our goal. What do you want, what we are capable of, we look at it, and in the end, the beautiful productions that will be satisfied on both sides are the industrial productions.

At the same time, this would mean a contribution to the Turkish economy, as well as a huge contribution to employment, and the share to be taken in the gross national product will increase even more, our money will stay in, our foreign currency will not go out. Whether your production is fertile here or elsewhere, kazanLet it be strong, but no matter what, it should contribute to the Turkish economy.

Program; ended with the presentation of suppliers and bilateral business negotiations.

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