Smart City Planning Applications of Konya Metropolitan Municipality

konya big city's smart urbanism applications told
konya big city's smart urbanism applications told

Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB) and National Smart City Planning, Implementation by Example Smart Strategy and Action Plan as discussed in "Smart Cities" conference was held.

At the “Smart Cities” meeting held in Ankara where metropolitan municipalities, provincial municipalities and district municipalities with a population above a certain number were invited to the “Smart Cities”, Secretary General of UMT Birol Ekici, Deputy Director General of Geographical Information Systems Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Hüseyin Bayraktar and Ministry of Interior Information Processing Department President Osman Hacıbektaşoğlu.

At the meeting, the e-Municipality project carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization was introduced. It was emphasized that with the full use of the project, which will explain the benefits to the municipalities, an annual savings of 3 billion pounds will be achieved.

Harun Yiğit, the Head of the Department of Information Processing of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, stated that Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which has many applications in the field of Smart Urbanism; ATUS made a presentation including Central Traffic Management System, Smart Buildings, Bicycle Routes and Bicycle Transportation Master Plan, Mobile Konya Application, Parking Find and more.



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