Record Breaks On Record In Public Transportation In Kocaeli

kocaelide public transport record breaking the record
kocaelide public transport record breaking the record

Transportation and Traffic Management Department of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality under the coordination of many important points of the city to reach the homes and businesses of the citizens TransportationPark A.Ş. broke the daily passenger transport record by carrying 82 thousand 183 passengers in one day with environmentally friendly buses. With the latest data, Akçaray has set a record of daily public transportation with its natural gas buses and the Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities every day for innovative and problem-free transportation for the citizens. Providing services to all districts of Kocaeli with 336 different lines with environmentally friendly 89 bus, Metropolitan Municipality makes an average 78 thousand kilometers every day.


Transportation from one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, with its environmentally friendly natural gas 336 bus, 89 provides services to all districts of Kocaeli with different lines, while providing the transportation of thousands of passengers to their homes or workplaces every day with the concept of Misafir Customer-oriented, not Guest-oriented hizmet. Every day, the average 78 thousand kilometers of roads and all around Kocaeli environmentally friendly natural gas buses, citizens have become the preferred vehicles. Metropolitan, which has one of the youngest fleets in Turkey, where it wants to go to nationals comfortable, clean and on time delivers.


TransportationPark, which transports hundreds of passengers to Istanbul every day with lines 200 and 250, provides transportation to students with buses that provide transportation to Kocaeli University and Gebze Technical University from many different points. TransportationPark evaluates the route and hour requests in line with the demands of the citizens with the "Green Municipal Buses" that reach every point of the city, and thus passenger satisfaction. kazanit's getting cold.

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