Kocaeli Ormanya Park Problem will not be experienced

the problem of parking in the forest
the problem of parking in the forest

The Natural Life Park, which welcomes many guests from the neighboring provinces of Kocaeli and abroad, attracts great interest from the people who are away from stress and want to spend time in nature. Day of unity as well as visitors from Turkey and Ormanian visitors from many parts of the world, caravans and tents at the camp are staying. Because of this interest, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is making a second car park in order to avoid parking problems for citizens coming to Ormanya. Asphalt paving of the second car park was carried out in line with the works carried out by the Department of Science. Pavement and parquet works in the project, afforestation and green area arrangement will be made.


2 into the forest. After the excavation and filling works in the stage car park, 2 bin 800 tons PMT was laid for a flat ground before asphalt. The car park, which will have a total capacity of 203 vehicles, is being built on an area of ​​8 thousand 900 square meters. Thousand 600 tons of asphalt were laid in the second parking area. Science Department teams continue to work on the construction of 2 thousand 850 meter pavement and thousand 750 square meter parquet.


In the second car park, 470 meter stormwater line production and electrical infrastructure works were completed to prevent puddles after rainfall. With the completion of the second car park Ormanya'nın, parking capacity will be 570 vehicle. Citizens who will come to Ormanya for the day and camp with the second car park, can park their vehicles comfortably without experiencing parking problems.

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