Cable Car Tension in Kırkpınar

kirkpinarda ropeway tension
kirkpinarda ropeway tension

People who oppose the cable car project gathered in the area where construction works will be started today.

Kırkpınarlılar who wants to change location in Sapanca Municipality's ropeway project and has been on duty in the project area for about 2 months, continues to wait in the field against the construction works that will start today.

Kırkpınarlılar who had breakfast in the area at the weekend and invited the Mayor of Sapanca Özcan Özen to start the dialogue process could not get any results from this call.

Kırkpınarlılar who gathered in the project area in the early hours of the morning against the contradictions of building site announced by Sapanca Municipality to start today say that they will definitely not allow the works to be done here.

CHP and TİP representatives and NGO representatives support this resistance.

Police intervention

Sapanca Municipality Teleferik Project in the sub-station area, the pasture and urgent gathering area of ​​the Hasanpasa neighborhood, who want to change the location of the KNKX resistance continued for about 30 months, the police intervened today.

The municipality of Sapanca conveyed through the municipal police on Friday 'construction site work will begin on Tuesday, empty the area' after the notification was expected development. Early in the morning, women, children, elderly and young people gathered in the area to support themselves with the Kırkpınarlılar were asked to vacate the area. During 10.00 time, security forces began to evacuate the area using force. Meanwhile, it was seen that fenalaşan and injured. It was stated that the police officers were injured during the thrust.

Reaching the tent after the thrust, the police carried the guard tent to the very end of the field. Police barricaded the area, does not allow entry. The public continues to wait. (Bizimsakary to)

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