Kayaş Sincan Başkentray Line Extends 18.4 Km

project to extend the capital line
project to extend the capital line

The project of extending the Başkentray line, realized with the initiative of Sincan Mayor Murat Ercan, is coming to life. The project will end on March 17, 2022. The suburban line, including the Sincan 1st Organized Industrial Zone and the Yenikent settlement area, will be extended to Akçaören District by adding 18.4 km. Announcing his projects before the local elections on March 31, Ercan gave the good news that the Başkentray line, which serves on the 36-kilometer line between Sincan and Kayaş districts, will be extended 18 kilometers to Akçaören Mahallesi.

Ercan said that the foundation of the Başkentray line project was laid 2 months ago, and if there is no problem with the appropriations, it will be completed in 3 years. Ercan said, “The passenger line will go from Sincan to Akçaören. After Akcaören, the freight line will go up to the soda factory in Mülkköy.

Sincan, one of Ankara's metropolitan districts and the sixth most populous district, will now be taken from Sincan within the scope of the Başkentray project operating between Kayaş and Sincan, and will be extended to Akçaören and then to Mülk Village via organized industry.

Sincan Mayor Murat Ercan said that the work started in August and continues rapidly. Ercan said, “In Yenikent, the population has increased to 90 thousand. He had some handicaps about transportation. Başkentray project is one of our most important projects. As part of the Başkentray project operating between the existing Kayaş and Sincan, we start from Sincan and extend it to Yenikent through the organized industry or even to Akçaören, where there is a university area, and from there to Mülkköy. The line length of 18.4 kilometers is 30 kilometers of rail length. It runs side by side as the freight line and the passenger line. The foundation was laid 2 months ago, activities started. Studies are continuing. The duration of the tender is 3 years. If there is no problem with the allowances, we expect it to end before 3 years. The estimated deadline for the tender is August 2022, but we will try to make it early. A transportation in the comfort of metro will be provided for the people of the region. Our work on finishing earlier also continues ”.


Stating that he met with the General Directorate of State Railways, President Ercan said, “We last met on Tuesday. We have been in contact since the beginning of the project. We are in talks with the authorities regarding the elimination of some deficiencies. We have a request for 3 stops. One of the stops we requested will be on the passenger line and the other on the freight line, two will be in the organized industrial zone and the third will be in our Akçaören neighborhood. 42 thousand people work in the organized industrial zone. There is nothing more natural than having a stop in a place where 42 thousand people work. Since it is an industrial area, capitalray will be both passenger and freight. There is a university area in Akçaören District. There will be a revision in that region, foreseeing the opening of the university over time, and placing a passenger stop there. We have provided the concrete of the location of the stops, especially our discussions with the authorities about our stops in the organized industrial zone. Currently, the current stops in the project are Yenikent, the square where Kavunpazarı is, the stop at the gendarmerie junction. 18.4 kilometers will be added as a line,” he said. – morning

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