Night Asphalt Day and Sidewalk Works in Izmit

izmitte night asphalt gunduz pavement work
izmitte night asphalt gunduz pavement work

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Izmit district Yahya Kaptan Neighborhood Democracy Street is doing road maintenance and repair work. In the works carried out by the Department of Science Affairs, teams, asphalt patch at night, while the sidewalk is manufacturing. Asphalt patch work teams finished, pavement manufacturing approached to the end.


Maintenance and repair works were carried out on the part of Democracy Street extending from Kandıra Junction to Yahya Kaptan Mahallesi. 25 tons of asphalt was used in the maintenance and repair work with the devoted work of the metropolitan teams at night. With the maintenance and repair work, the comfort of the road is increased and the satisfaction of the citizens kazanwas done.


Night asphalt work in the Metropolitan Municipality teams, during daytime hours of hardwood and pavement manufacturing. Parquet and pavement works, 500 square meter parquet and 150 meter curb is produced. In the 165 meter section, the new pavements are being built in 3 meter width.

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