10 Million TL Penalty for 10 Ships Polluting Izmit Bay!

korfezi pollutes the ship million TL penalty
korfezi pollutes the ship million TL penalty

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Environmental Protection and Control inspection teams, did not give passage to pollution in Izmit Bay. 7 teams working without saying 24 hours day and night, intervened in the 2019 event in 10. 10 million 9 thousand 884 TL administrative fines to the intervened 339 vessel are closely monitored by the inspection teams and the sea pollution caused by ships and other vessels in Izmit Bay.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Izmit Bay to keep the sea pollution from ships and vessels to control the sea day and night air, land and sea control, inspection and monitoring activities are carried out. Airborne control teams with sea control aircraft, the Gulf of Izmit continues to be the nightmare of ships polluting. In the 2019 month of 10, a total of 10 million 9 thousand TL administrative sanction was applied to the 884 ship.


Recently, the inspections carried out by the inspection teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department, Ro-Ro Freight Ship named “Neptune İthaki” which was found to pollute the sea was punished. 11 2 million 517 thousand 825 TL administrative sanctions were applied to the cargo vessel li Neptune İthaki bulunan in Ford Port on Friday, as it caused marine pollution due to hydraulic oil leakage.


Izmit Bay sea water quality is also closely monitored by the Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of the studies carried out with the aim of increasing the quality of sea water and increasing the population of sea creatures in the Gulf, the TÜ Monitoring of Izmit Bay Water Quality and Terrestrial Inputs and Improving Recommendations for Pollution Prevention ”project was implemented in cooperation with TUBITAK-MAM. The monitoring is carried out at seasonal depths (6 times) for a year at the total 4 marine station. In addition, samples taken from the 8 creek that discharge to the Gulf are taken and measurements are made.

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