Izmir Denizli Train Hours and Map 2019

Izmir Denizli Train Map
Izmir Denizli Train Map

Izmir Denizli Train Hours and Map 2019: Izmir Basmane Denizli Regional Train is a regional train operated by TCDD Tasimacilik by TCDD Tasimacilik on the railway line belonging to TCDD between Basmane Train Station Denizli Train Station. There are 6 trips between İzmir and Denizli every day. From Izmir to Denizli 266 km average travel time 4 hours 45 minutesd.

İzmir Denizli Train Schedule In this news report, which includes 2019 and İzmir Denizli Train Map, you can find all the details about the regional train operating between Denizli and İzmir.

Izmir Denizli Regional Trains

These trains run every day between Izmir> Denizli> Izmir. Izmir Denizli Regional Trains; İzmir (Basmane)> Gaziemir> Adnan Menderes Airport> Menderes> Pancar> Torbalı> Tepeköy> Health> Selçuk> Çamlık> Partners> Germencik> İncirliova> Aydın> Umurlu> Mansion> Sultanhisar> Atça> İsabeyli> Nazilli> Kuyucak> Pamukören> Horsunlu It serves on the routes> Buharkent> Sarayköy> Goncalı> Denizli. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport Denizli train services, train times are in this news:

izmir sea train guzergahi
izmir sea train guzergahi

Izmir Denizli Train Stations

Check all trains from Izmir to Denizli 25 stations and pauses are

  1. Izmir (Basmane) Turkey
  2. Gaziemir
  3. Adnanmenderes Airport
  4. Menderes
  5. Beet
  6. Torbalı
  7. Tepeköy
  8. Selçuk
  9. Pine grove
  10. Partners
  11. Germencik
  12. İncirliova
  13. Enlightened
  14. Umurlu
  15. Mansion
  16. Sultanhisar
  17. Atca
  18. İsabeyli
  19. Nazilli
  20. kuyucak
  21. Pamukören
  22. Horsunlu
  23. Buharkent
  24. Saraykoy
  25. Goncalı
  26. Denizli

Izmir Denizli Train Schedule

Station trains
1. Train 2. Train 3. Train 4. Train 5. Train 6. Train
Izmir (Basmane) Turkey PM07:42 PM08:53 PM11:30 PM15:30 PM16:41 PM17:54
Gaziemir PM08:01 PM09:13 PM11:49 PM15:49 PM17:01 PM18:13
Airport A.Menderes PM08:06 PM09:18 PM11:55 PM15:55 PM17:06 PM18:19
Menderes PM08:11 PM09:22 PM12:00 PM16:00 PM17:10 PM18:24
Beet PM08:25 PM09:36 PM12:14 PM16:14 PM17:24 PM18:39
Torbalı PM08:36 PM09:48 PM12:25 PM16:25 PM17:37 PM18:50
Tepeköy PM08:42 PM09:53 PM12:29 PM16:31 PM17:41 PM18:55
Selçuk PM09:09 PM10:17 PM12:53 PM16:55 PM18:05 PM19:20
Pine grove PM09:22 PM10:30 PM13:06 PM17:08 PM18:18 PM19:36
Partners PM09:42 PM10:49 PM13:25 PM17:27 PM18:36 PM19:57
Germencik PM09:52 PM11:03 PM13:35 PM17:38 PM18:46 PM20:12
İncirliova PM10:02 PM11:14 PM13:45 PM17:49 PM18:58 PM20:22
Enlightened PM10:13 PM11:27 PM13:56 PM18:04 PM19:09 PM20:33
Umurlu PM10:27 PM11:40 PM14:08 PM18:16 PM19:21 PM20:45
Mansion PM10:36 PM11:50 PM14:17 PM18:26 PM19:31 PM20:54
Sultanhisar PM10:46 PM12:01 PM14:28 PM18:36 PM19:41 PM21:04
Atca PM10:52 PM12:09 PM14:34 PM18:43 PM19:47 PM21:10
İsabeyli PM10:58 x x PM18:49 x x
Nazilli PM11:05 PM12:22 PM14:45 PM18:59 PM19:58 PM21:21
kuyucak PM11:16 PM12:34 PM14:56 PM19:10 PM20:09 PM21:32
Pamukören PM11:23 PM12:42 PM15:03 PM19:17 PM20:16 PM21:39
Horsunlu PM11:30 PM12:48 PM15:08 PM19:22 PM20:21 PM21:44
Buharkent PM11:42 PM13:01 PM15:24 PM19:34 PM20:33 PM21:56
Saraykoy PM11:57 PM13:18 PM15:39 PM19:49 PM20:48 PM22:11
Goncalı PM12:16 PM13:37 PM15:58 PM20:08 PM21:07 PM22:30
Denizli PM12:27 PM13:48 PM16:09 PM20:19 PM21:18 PM22:41

Denizli Izmir Train Schedule

Station trains
1. Train 2. Train 3. Train 4. Train 5. Train 6. Train
Denizli PM04:20 PM05:50 PM08:25 PM12:45 PM14:35 PM17:30
Km. 251 485 + PM04:32 PM06:02 PM08:37 PM12:57 PM14:47 PM17:42
Goncalı PM04:34 PM06:04 PM08:39 PM12:59 PM14:49 PM17:45
Saraykoy PM04:53 PM06:23 PM08:58 PM13:19 PM15:08 PM18:04
Buharkent PM05:08 PM06:38 PM09:14 PM13:34 PM15:23 PM18:23
Horsunlu PM05:20 PM06:50 PM09:26 PM13:46 PM15:35 PM18:35
Pamukören PM05:26 PM06:56 PM09:32 PM13:52 PM15:41 PM18:41
kuyucak PM05:33 PM07:03 PM09:39 PM13:59 PM15:48 PM18:48
Nazilli PM05:45 PM07:15 PM09:51 PM14:11 PM16:00 PM19:00
İsabeyli x PM07:21 x x x PM19:06
Atca PM05:56 PM07:27 PM10:02 PM14:22 PM16:11 PM19:12
Sultanhisar PM06:02 PM07:33 PM10:08 PM14:29 PM16:18 PM19:18
Mansion PM06:12 PM07:43 PM10:18 PM14:39 PM16:28 PM19:30
Umurlu PM06:21 PM07:52 PM10:28 PM14:48 PM16:38 PM19:39
Enlightened PM06:34 PM08:05 PM10:43 PM15:01 PM16:54 PM19:52
İncirliova PM06:44 PM08:15 PM10:53 PM15:11 PM17:05 PM20:02
Germencik PM06:54 PM08:25 PM11:04 PM15:21 PM17:15 PM20:13
Partners PM07:05 PM08:36 PM11:15 PM15:35 PM17:26 PM20:23
Pine grove PM07:23 PM08:54 PM11:33 PM15:53 PM17:44 PM20:41
Selçuk PM07:36 PM09:08 PM11:46 PM16:06 PM17:57 PM20:55
Tepeköy PM08:00 PM09:35 PM12:10 PM16:30 PM18:23 PM21:20
Torbalı PM08:05 PM09:39 PM12:14 PM16:34 PM18:27 PM21:26
Beet PM08:17 PM09:51 PM12:25 PM16:46 PM18:38 PM21:37
Menderes PM08:32 PM10:05 PM12:40 PM17:02 PM18:53 PM21:52
Airport A.Menderes PM08:37 PM10:09 PM12:44 PM17:06 PM18:57 PM21:56
Gaziemir PM08:43 PM10:14 PM12:50 PM17:12 PM19:02 PM22:02
Izmir (Basmane) Turkey PM09:02 PM10:33 PM13:09 PM17:30 PM19:21 PM22:21

Izmir Denizli Train Map


Izmir Denizli Train Ticket Price

On-line purchases and reservations cannot be made for the Izmir Denizli Train that operates on a daily basis. You can buy tickets at the toll booths daily. Izmir Denizli Train Ticket Price:

Pulman seat ticket price per person 28,5 tbsp'Dr


Train stations ticket offices telephone numbers and opening hours.


Tel: 0232 484 86 38 Consultation - (07.00 - 21.30)


Tel: 0232 892 60 06 - (06.00 - 21.00)


Tel: 0256 212 99 40 / Ext: 71351 - (07.00 - 20.00)


Tel: 0256 312 49 79 / Ext: 71351 - (06.30 - 20.30)


Tel: 0258 268 28 31 - (06.00 - 18.00)

Map of Aegean Regional Trains



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