Turkey Italy Rail Investment and Trade Relations

italy turkey commercial relations and rail investments
italy turkey commercial relations and rail investments

01-03 2019 between October during my visit trade fairs and events Ferroviaria Rail System which was held in Milan, Italy, Turkey-Italy trade relations and investments'm assessments made on the rail system are presented below.

The capital of Rome is Italy with a population of 60,6 million and an area of ​​301.338 km.2is. The financial center of Italy is the city of Milan. The Italian economy is the third largest national economy in the euro area, the 3th largest in the world by nominal GDP and the 8th largest by PPP GDP. Italy has a large developed economy and is a founding member of the European Union, the euro area, OECD, G12 and G7. Italy is the ninth largest exporter in the world with $ 20 billion in exports in 2018. The closest trade relations are with the European Union countries, where it realizes approximately 506% of its total trade.

In the post-war period, Italy has become one of the leading countries in the world that has reached the most developed trade and export volume from an agriculture-based economy severely affected by the consequences of world wars. According to the Human Development Index, the country has a very high standard of living and the 8th highest quality of life in the world according to The Economist magazine. Italy is the country with the third highest gold reserves in the world and is the third largest contributor to the European Union's budget.

Italy is a manufacturer and exporter in the EU, behind Germany, where various important products are produced, including machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, furniture, food, clothing and robots. Therefore, Italy has a significant trade surplus. The country is also known for an effective, innovative commercial economy sector, a hard-working and competitive agricultural sector, creative and quality automobile, marine, industry, gadgets and fashion design. Italy is the largest center for luxury goods in Europe and the third luxury center globally.

The state of the country's economy in 2018;

GDP (Nominal): 2.072 trillion USD
Real GDP growth rate: %0,9
Population: 60,59 million
Population growth rate: -% 0,1
GDP per capita (Nominal): 31,984 USD
Inflation rate: %1,243
Unemployment rate: %9,7
Total Exports: 543 billion USD
Total imports: 499 billion USD
Ranking in the world economy: 8

The biggest component of the economy is the service business with 71,3%. This is followed by industry with 26,7% and agriculture with 2%.

Among the main export items of Italy are dosed medicines, automobiles, station wagons, racing cars, petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, and parts for land vehicles. Major export partners are Germany, France, America, and Spain.

Italy's main import items automobiles, station wagons, racing cars, crude oil, petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons. Major import partners are Germany, France, China and the Netherlands.

bilateral trade volume between Turkey and Italy (USD Million):

Years 2016 2017 2018
our exports 7.851 8.476 9.560
our imports 10.219 11.307 10.155
Total trade volume 18.070 19.783 19.715
Balance -2.368 -2.831 -595

The main products we export to Italy are automobiles, wagons, racing cars; Motor vehicles for transporting goods are fresh and dried fruit products.

The main products we import from Italy are parts for land vehicles, petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, yachts, other recreational and sports boats.

2017 As of the end of the year, 1409 is an Italian company.

According to data from the Central Bank of Italy, 2002-2017 3 billion during 91 14 million USD of FDI inflows in Turkey. country. In the same period, the total of Turkish investments in Italy was around 387 million USD.


In Italy, rail systems are the most important transportation system in the country. The total line length is 22.227 km and the active line length is 16.723 km. With the construction of high-speed train lines, this network continues to expand day by day. RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana), responsible for infrastructure, is a state-owned company. In Italy, we can divide the railway lines into the 3 group. These;

  1. The base lines have high traffic density and good infrastructure. It connects the big cities in the country. The total length of these lines is 6.469 km.
  2. The complementary lines have less traffic density and connect the centers of the middle and small regions. Most of these lines are single line and some parts are not electrified. The total length of these lines is 9.360 km.
  3. Node lines connect basic and complementary lines to cities. The total length is 952 km.

In Italy, 11.921 km of rail system lines are electrified. 3 kV DC is used in conventional lines and 25 kV AC is used in high speed train lines.

The railway companies in the country are Ferrovie Dello Stato, Trenitalia, Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori, Trenord and Mercitalia.

There is a high level of rail system investment in the country. RFI 17 has planned to invest EUR billion. ECTS Level 2 investments are still underway to increase the safety and efficiency of the lines and 1,2 billion has been allocated for this purpose.

Trenitalia has planned an investment of 4,5 billion euros for new vehicles. 460 million euros for NTV high-speed trains, 8,5 billion euros for the Lyon-Turin line and 8 billion euros for the ongoing Brenner Base Tunnel. In addition to this, vehicle needs of private freight and passenger operators and urban rail system investments are continuing.

Hitachi Rail Italy is a rail transport engineering company based in Italy that designs and manufactures rail and public transport vehicles. Previously operating under the AnsaldoBreda brand of Finmeccanica, it was sold to Hitachi's subsidiary Hitachi Rail in 2015 and took its current name. The company, which is headquartered in Naples, has nearly 2.400 employees.

Italy is an important country in terms of production and R & D in rail systems and we need to increase our commercial relations, R & D cooperations and exports in the rail systems sector.

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