ISAF Will Be Very Interesting In 2019 ..!

Will be very interesting in the year of Isaf
Will be very interesting in the year of Isaf

Even at a time of economic recession in every corner of the world, ISAF continues to develop without decreasing its growth rhythm.

We are in a period of shrinkage in 2019 in all fairs except for very few of the fairs taking place in almost every country in the world. Considering this period, plans made according to a certain decrease in the number of exhibitors and visitors at ISAF in 2019 started to change positively as the fair approached.

As the fair approaches, the growing numbers show that ISAF will be very different and very interesting in 2019.


23. One of the most striking figures at the ISAF Fair was the increase in the number of “online invitations registration. 13 As of the end of October, the number of Online Invitations, which was 3.761 in the previous year, was 5.377 this year.

This increase in 42,97% shows that ISAF will result in a very different result compared to previous years. The most interesting title of ISAF Fair, which kept the number of exhibitors and the size of the fair last year, was the increasing interest of visitors in 2019.

ISAF GROWS AT 2019 ..!

The shrinkage experienced in all fairs in almost every country in the world is not experienced in ISAF. Even in a difficult period of economic recession in the world, ISAF will open with a slight growth.

Particularly, the 450 sector fair, which took place in Turkey, did not experience any shrinkage. ISAF was one of the rare fairs. In 2019, ISAF completed the number of participants with a surplus of 4 and the growth of m2 was at 3%. During this period, the average shrinkage in the fairs was around 20, the growth in ISAF was welcomed by the organization.


ISAF 2019 is anticipated with enthusiasm and enthusiasm every year, not just professionals but everyone.

Small-scale users, enthusiasts, students, those who are looking for a new sector, who are looking for a solution partner, who wonder how to change my job, academics herkes Everyone is undoubtedly invited to follow ISAF 2019.

ISAF 17-20October is opening at 2019 in Istanbul Exhibition Center!

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