Second Response from İmamoğlu to the Station Tender: 'I'm Too Angry on the Name of Istanbul!'

imamoglundan second response to the tender for the gar
imamoglundan second response to the tender for the gar

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, gave the closing speech at the “Muhtars Workshop” held at the Eurasia Performance and Art Center in Yenikapı and brought together 961 muhtars of the city.

Imamoglu, who reacted to the broadcasts of Haydarpasa and Sirkeci stations on social media accounts for the first time to be banned from the tender, stressed that he was very angry on behalf of Istanbul. “In this way, people who do not know how to treat public goods and who do not have this morality, will pull the state's property to someone today, and tomorrow, other things will be pulled. We will not allow this. İm Imamoglu said, “Every day we are faced with distressed news and events that we are concerned about. In such an atmosphere, in such an atmosphere, the people who do this can neither become statesmen nor protect the property of this nation ”.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) organized a "Muhtars Workshop" at the Eurasia Performance and Art Center (AGSM) in Yenikapı within the scope of its "2020-2024 Strategic Planning". IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, before giving the closing speech of the workshop, symbolically hosted a total of 13 mukhtars in their office at AGSM as part of October 19, Mukhtars' Day. Imamoglu, the muhtars, "How are you" question, "I get better when I work. I recommend it to everyone.” “We love our muhtars. We also enjoy being together with our muhtars,” said İmamoğlu, “I congratulate you on this beautiful day. We wish to preserve and develop this office, which is the cornerstone, perhaps the first point, of our democracy consciousness, as it deserves. Your workshop today is part of that, but it's a start. We wish to take it further. Do not doubt that your thoughts will occupy a very valuable place for us and will go higher with what we have added from there.”


Stating that Istanbul is a big city, Imamoglu said, ne The more we share and share the management in Istanbul, the easier our business will be. This facilitated system will actually solve many problems of society. Therefore, the concept we call democracy is very beautiful and valuable. I love this definition: Democracy means that the electorate has the right to govern; but it is a system that protects the right of existence of those who do not choose. 'I voted, I know everything. The man I voted for was chosen, and he should do everything! ' It's not like that. On the contrary, it is a system that makes the citizen feel equal rights. So you stand at the strongest starting point of the mechanism. We have many jobs; but we will take strong steps in this field too. ”


Imamoglu said, “IMM has established a Kent City Council ilk for the first time today. but for the first time we have formed a city council, this is valuable. For the first time in Istanbul, we are developing a voluntary system that will cover hundreds of thousands of people. It has its place in the law. Every public institution has a mechanism to benefit from volunteers. We are developing the definition of 'volunteers of the city'. You will benefit from all this. They will take advantage of you. Our second target is neighborhood councils. The chairman of this neighborhood council is unwavering. Our goal is to establish those assemblies in the neighborhoods. We explained this in our election declaration ”.


İmamoğlu then went to the hall where the workshop was held and met with the headmen of the 961 neighborhood in Istanbul. Professor Dr. İmamoğlu, who took the microphone after Murat Şeker's announcement of the workshop results, talked about the work they will do in the new period with the mukhtars, which he defines as başlangıç ​​the starting points of democracy.. Imamoglu, towards the end of his speech in the tender process Haydarpasa and Sirkeci stations brought the scandal. Stating that both stations are symbolic structures for those who migrated to Istanbul, İmamoğlu summarized the events in the tender process. Imamoglu stated that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has started a tender for social and cultural purposes without making a profit. “I want you to know; a public institution may transfer to another public institution without a tender for this purpose. In other words, the Ministry of Transport can give it to the IMM. There are hundreds of examples of this in Istanbul. I said, 'You're doing it wrong'. We are here. We evaluate these places in the best way and offer them to the public. But the Ministry made a statement; 'Metropolitan can not enter this tender' he said. Why can't he? No answer; are not allowed! I asked him what his motivations were. What is your motivation for this motivation? What you call IMM is an institution that belongs to 16 million of this city. Is there an imposition that necessitates this explanation?.


Imamoglu said that they entered the tender as a result of the review and approval of IMM's files and shared the information about the kendilerine competitor firm company. Imamoglu stated that they were informed by fax coming from the 17.00 queues that they were excluded from the tender and said, lar They ask, 'Where is your eyebrow, where is your eye? Where's your cheek? ' It's a tragicomic condition. Maybe I told him witty; But I'm very angry, too. I'm angry on behalf of Istanbul. More interesting: 15 days ago everything was lawful, but what makes 15 motive, which pushes you to it during the day? This concerns the 16 million people of this city. I call here to defend the rights of 16 million people in this city. Whoever is in charge of this process, including those in that room, will file a criminal complaint against each of them on Monday. IMM owns a property of this city, a trust of this city, its history, nature and spirituality. It is not a company with a capital of TL thousand. The Municipality of Istanbul owns it ”.


“What is this motivation? To whom, for what do you give ”Imamoglu asks again,“ In this way, people who do not know the manner of public goods, do not carry this morality, today pulls the property of the state to someone, and tomorrow to pull other things. We won't allow it. Our mouth does not fall at all: Unity, togetherness, justice, rights, law, the right to eat, let's not protect the property of this nation, this city and the country's spirituality, let this country be in peace, let's not hear bad news, not hurt. Every day we face distressed news and events that we are concerned about. In such an environment, in such an atmosphere, the people who do this can neither be statesmen nor protect the property of this nation ”.


Fikri Temizel, the muhtar of Yunus Emre district in Arnavutköy, presented Imamoglu with a photograph of his father woven to the carpet. İmamoğlu, Esenler Kazım Karabekir District Mukhtar Muharrem Polat, “the youngest male muhtar”, Zeytinburnu Radio Neighborhood Mukhtar Edanur Menteş “the youngest female muhtar, Adalar Nizam Neighborhood Mukhtar Sherif Ali Coskuner 'the oldest male muhtar”, Sisli Erik The oldest woman muhtar e to the Mayor of Feriköy Neighborhood Sevim Meriç, the erkek male muhtar who served the longest term e to Hasan Refet Üstün, the muhtar of Sarıyer Tarabya Neighborhood and the el longest term muhtar e to the muhtar of Bakırköy Zeytinlik District. plaques and awards. İmamoğlu handed over the plaques and awards to the muhtars, disabled headmen, Üsküdar İcadiye District Headman Mehmet Faruk Güllü and Bağcılar Yenigün District Headman Bünyamin Çiftçi.

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