Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center is Preparing for the New Season

ilgaz mountain ski resort is preparing for the new season
ilgaz mountain ski resort is preparing for the new season

Turkey Ski Federation President Ali Oto, examined the ongoing construction of Ilgaz Mountain Ski strengthening work place. Ali during Otoya views Turkey Tarkan Ski Federation Board Member of Soyak, Kastamonu Ski provincial representatives Firat Coskun, Federation of Technical Affairs Mustafa Sağlam, Ilgaz Mountain resort Manager Can was accompanied by Erdem and National Team Coach Mohammed Kızılarslan.

After getting information from the authorities about the retrofit works and maintenance works of the chairlift and cable car facilities, the Federation President Ali Oto met with Kastamonu Youth and Sports Provincial Director Reşat Asrak. 1. stating that the studies will end in 15 days, Ali Oto stated that they are working to avoid any hitches during the winter season.

Turkey Ski Federation President Ali then governor of Kastamonu Ilgaz examination held under the chairmanship of the car he Yasar Black 'Winter Season Preparatory Meeting took part. At the meeting organized by the Regional Directorate of National Parks, the issues planned to be held on Ilgaz Mountain before the new season were discussed and resolved.

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