İBB Eliminated in Tender for Haydarpaşa Sirkeci Station

ibb haydarpasa sirkeci gari dismissed from the tender
ibb haydarpasa sirkeci gari dismissed from the tender

IMM was excluded from the tender for Haydarpaşa - Sirkeci Railway Station. İmamoğlu; “The rationale is funny. Elimination is unlawful. We will carry the matter to the court and make a criminal complaint. ” The tender will be appealed on Monday.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) was eliminated from the tender of State Railways (TCDD) for renting the idle storage areas of Haydarpasa Railway Station for “use in cultural and artistic activities”.


IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIn his statement before the closing of the Headmen's Workshop at Yenikapı Eurasia Cultural Center, he said that this decision and its rationale were funny. İmamoğlu spoke as follows: I am so bored… Of course, I have to share it with you. As I promised, I have to share everything with you in the most transparent way when necessary. I promised you that I will protect the spirituality of this city, the nature of this city, the history of this city... I will protect it in every way from the first day to the last day, from the day I first started to the last day, to make Istanbul a fair city. I promised millions of people.


This is why I want to share with you a very sad event. Look, this afternoon, 17: 00 waters, in a meeting we are not invited in any way to a company belonging to a person who is not known inside the most valuable Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations in Istanbul for a thousand TL. Supposedly, they prevented us from entering the tender under an excuse and gave him unaware of us. I condemn, I promise in the presence of all my citizens that I will do what is necessary.


Dün Those who rely on the experience of 3 thousand TL with 10 thousand TL salary in the municipality yesterday underestimate the experience of that husband KÜLTÜR AŞ and make excuses for being separate from other companies. Now I want to ask; This board, which does not approve our partnership agreement today, did not find any obstacle for us to enter the tender 15 days ago, and why did they join us in that tender? What was 15 changing daily?


Let me tell you what changed, your motivation. Look, I'm gonna tell who's in there first. Whoever goes up to whoever we are, I will look for the right of 16 million people so that you will see it. I will take legal action immediately. I still don't understand our motivation. This is where I address the Minister, who does not move. I am calling for 16 million people. Now, I think I will share another funny reason.


Can you see, according to the comedy specification "jointly and jointly instead of jointly and together" we said in the application! In other words, jointly, jointly and jointly instead; ie someone is old Turkish, someone is new Turkish. Why don't you look at the motivation for comedy! It's against the specification! You laugh at the situation, but unfortunately this is tragicomic. Too bad, too shame, another big scandal. We were eliminated because the four municipal companies that entered the tender did not have separate work experience certificates. What is the definition of the Consortium? Consortia are made for the completion of deficiencies. As I said, the staff are ready there; 'we made the tender, we're done'.


I'm filing a criminal complaint on Monday. We are filing a criminal complaint together with all the lawyers of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and how many lawyers who say 'I want to participate v in Istanbul. I'il let you know the time. Our lawyers will go and seek the right to 16 million people. This is a very big issue, a very big issue of this stinking. 16 will seek the rights of millions of people, people chose me for it.


What is the motivation behind the granting of a property of 16 million people to a person who is the general manager of the foundation, whose capital is 10 thousand TL, and that worked until the last day with a salary of 3 thousand TL. Whatever motivation is here, it spreads to other places. We'il look for him. That's why we won't make 16 million people go for it. No one can enter the Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations unless these people allow them. I wanted to share this with you. ”


İBB participated in the tender with MEDYA A.Ş, KÜLTÜR A.Ş, İSBAK A.Ş and METRO İSTANBUL A.Ş. Hezarfen Consultancy company submitted a monthly 300 thousand TL bid in the tender, while IMM offered a monthly 100 thousand TL bid.

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  1. Didn't we call the people who work in the okcular foundation and get their salary from the ibb as ATM clerks? here is one of them, Mr. Hüseyin Avni. This job has absolutely nothing to do with religion or God. This person started a company a year ago under the name of consultancy and was advising the Okcular Foundation. Hüseyin Bey is already known for his closeness to the son of the Erdoğan family. No one questioned how he would pay 10 thousand liras with a capital of 350 thousand TL, but he questioned the person of the Ibb. Mr. Huseyin, who works as a cashier, somehow successfully won his first tender. kazanIsn't it obvious that the AKP's existence is behind this person zade? The best friend of Erdogan's son, no one knows this. Think about how a company with a capital of 10 thousand TL can pay 350 thousand liras.