The Elephant Hitting the Train in India

india train rails fishnet carpti
india train rails fishnet carpti

Elephant Hitting The Train In India. In India, a fast-moving train hit a fishnet walking on rails. The elephant, seriously injured by the impact, went to the forest with his own means. The accident took place in Jalpaiguri, North Bengal.

The passenger train on the Banarhat-Nagrakata expedition in the state of West Bengal in India was hit by a netting walking along the rails. Kza 27 The September accident took place at 8.30. The video of the elephant hit by the train caused great sorrow on social media. The 45-second video shows that the elephant, who was watching the people in desperation, had a hard time getting up from the ground and slowly walking up to the woods. The engine part of the passenger train also disintegrated and the driver was reportedly injured at the end of the collision.

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