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hero soforden example behavior
hero soforden example behavior

Yusuf Gürsoy, who worked as a bus driver in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, signed a heroic story. Growing up on the bus a mother's son was disturbed Gürsoy, mother and child brought to hospital.

Did not stop at any stop

Yusuf Gürsoy, who worked as a bus driver in the Directorate of Public Transportation Branch of the Transportation Department, took a mother and son from Demirtaş stop during his expedition to the Tece-Şehir Hospital line 28. Shortly after hearing the cries of the mother stopped the bus Gürsoy, the little boy's nose and vomited and realized that the bleeding. Gürsoy continued on the road quickly, without stopping and stopping at no stop on the route line and raised his mother and son to Mersin City Hospital. Stopping the bus at the hospital's emergency gate, Gürsoy accompanied his mother and son until he entered the hospital.

I I would do the same thing if I had another friend at my place ”

Gürsoy stated that he took his mother and son from the station around 10.30 in the morning and said: bir A mother and a child about ten and twelve experienced a discomfort. Let me explain this to you. I think the boy's fallen. A wailing figure broke in the car, so it was a flurry. 'Save my child,' he said. The boy first got blood from his nose. Later, when I saw him throw up, I felt like he was half unconscious. They were trying not to put the child to sleep. After seeing this, I told our passengers not to press the button. We need to get to the hospital as soon as possible, I asked them for help, and they were very sensitive about this. I did my best. In the meantime, the citizens helped the lady, told to be cool. We did our best, we raised it urgently. If I didn't have another friend, I would do the same thing. ”

Stating that they care about the health of citizens as well as traffic safety, Gürsoy said, ıyla As far as we can, we are trying to serve our President, our municipality and our people, we are trying to be worthy of them ”.

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