Haydarpaşa is a whole, can not be sacrificed for unlawful tender

haydarpasa is a whole unlawful tender can not be sacrificed
haydarpasa is a whole unlawful tender can not be sacrificed

TCDD, Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Station areas and buildings on the tender to be used in cultural and artistic activities after the tender of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, including the unlawful removal of the tender protest with the participation of citizens in the Haydarpasa Solidarity.

With the participation of our President Hasan Bektaş and the Istanbul Branch Executive Board and members, Haydarpaşa Solidarity and the citizens made a press release today at 20 (2019 Sunday) at 13.00. Haydarpaşa Gara walk was held.

“Haydarpaşa is a whole, unlawful tender cannot be sacrificed basın banner was opened by TMMOB Chamber of Architects Chairman Esin Köymen.

Our Chairman Hasan Bektaş said in his statement; Bakanlığı The Ministry of Transport made a statement and said the municipality should withdraw. But the municipality did not withdraw. The tender was closed behind closed doors on Thursday without calling the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. We know that this tender was intervened from above. Can you look at the reasons? The word mutually jointly was not used, instead it was written in Turkish equivalent. But the spear does not fit in the sack, we see what is happening. We will stop this tender. The first is with you, the second with the judges at the Kartal Courthouse. Justice will be manifested..

The press release read as follows;

Dear Kadıköyleagues, Üsküdar people, Maltepe people, Istanbul people!

Some of the areas in Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Station areas and the structures on them were put out to tender for rent by TCDD for “supposed” cultural and art activities, 2. The remaining IMM partnership companies were eliminated from the tender with the excuse of water without being invited, and submitted to the tender address and submitted to Hezarfen Consulting, the company of the former director of the Okcular Foundation.

First of all, we would like to state that; Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Train Stations and back courses are a whole. It may not be used, divided, disintegrated, rented or sold in any way contrary to its essential function, public benefit and use.

More importantly, Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Station, which is one of the most important identity elements of Istanbul, are the assets that we are obliged to carry to future generations while preserving their importance, integrity and function.

The protection and use of these important assets in line with their essential functions is the responsibility and responsibility of us as well as sensitive institutions and citizens, as well as the protection boards, municipalities and TCDD and related administrations and public institutions.

In our city, once again faced with the reality of the earthquake; Sirkeci Railway Station, Haydarpaşa Railway Station, port, pier and back areas in the event of a disaster, especially in connection with the sea in terms of logistics of our city, the vital importance of the provision and evacuation of the vital importance, is evident as a clear and irrefutable reality.

In line with this clear fact and necessity, the privatization of these areas which should be put into the service of the public at full capacity by means of tenders delivered to the address without legal validity will be one of the biggest betrayals to be made to this city.

Also; aware of the importance of public responsibility and the field of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality from the beginning of trying to prevent the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, TCDD officials who made a tender for the delivery of an irregular address to the public and once again warned officials to fulfill their essential duties invite.

We are sensitive citizens, KadıköyTCDD once again declares to the relevant and its officials that we will not come to the game as the leagues, Üsküdar, Maltepelis, and Istanbulites, and we will not pass the “talan and rentier”. We cancel the irregular tender and request the areas to be transferred to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, provided that they are used for their primary and public purposes.

No game and no room for deception!

May Haydarpasa and Sirkeci tenders be canceled!

Areas; transfer to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on condition that it is used for its primary and public purposes.



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