Haydarpaşa Station should be removed from the subject of tender

haydarpasa gari should be excluded from the tender
haydarpasa gari should be excluded from the tender

In an interview organized by Kadıköy Halkevi after the tender of Haydarpaşa Station, the station's history was discussed on Haydarpaşa Solidarity's struggle for 14 years and urban public spaces.

After a part of the Haydarpaşa Railway Station went to the tender last week, Tugay Kartal, Assoc. Dr. Protection Expert Gül Köksal and United Transport Workers Union (BTS) President Hasan Bektaş'ın participated in an interview.

The information about the struggle of Haydarpaşa Solidarity since 2005 and the latest project of the station, the involvement of the station employees and the union in the process, continued with the discussion about how the attitude should be taken about the growing seizure.

Haydarpaşa ward station will remain

In addition to being a historical heritage, Haydarpaşa stands at a critical point in terms of public transportation. The high-speed train launches of the government as an election campaign in every election period lead to the commemoration of rail transport by accident and insecurity. The panel criticized Haydarpaşa's assessment of the need for maintenance and restoration as a historical space as opening up a space for capital.

Haydarpaşa'nın and Sirkeci'nin as a railway station, the station should be given to the operation of the public interest in the consideration of the TCDD'nin emphasized that the institution is no longer for the benefit of the public purely around the political purposes and merit that this request really makes a distant stated. Therefore, it was emphasized the importance of revising the station in a way that it will perform the station function.

Public interest and public control are essential

It was stated that the commercial concerns created by making public spaces the subject of tenders were evaluated by considering the benefit of the capital rather than the benefit of the public. For this reason, it was emphasized that Haydarpaşa should not be a subject of the tender. The preparation of the 11 restoration material mentioned in the project is only possible after the 5 has been made ready. It was emphasized that all citizens and institutions should look at the projects that concern the public from a different point of view.

The event was held in front of the station every Sunday at 13.00 with the call of Haydarpaşa Solidarity and this week 406. ended with a call to the week.


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