The Stops of Dreams Can't Take Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci from the People of Istanbul

haydarpasa and sirkeciyi stops of the people of Istanbul
haydarpasa and sirkeciyi stops of the people of Istanbul

While the repercussions of the unlawful elimination of the consortium of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality affiliates from the tender for the operation of Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Station areas continued, İBB's CHP Parliamentary Member Süleyman Solmaz expressed the process as a new example of AKP's spatial rent policy.

Solmaz pointed out that Haydarpaşa Railway Station and its environs have been wanted to be transformed into a commercial area for 15 years and said, iz We cannot allow this understanding. Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations are an important stop in the dreams and hopes of the people in Istanbul. It is now time to fight more for Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Railway Station, which are the main cultural heritage areas of Istanbul, to remain as Istanbulites. ”


Solmaz gave information that the attempts to open a rent to the Haydarpaşa Gar region started in 2004 and said: “In 2004, they started the process by saying Hayd Haydarpaşa will be Manhattan '. After each reaction they developed, they did not give up their love of opening this area to rent by developing other projects. 1 tried to sell immovables located on a million square meter area. End all the train lines that come to Haydarpaşa
they have tried to bring it to a complete position. In the face of the 'attacks' against Haydarpaşa Railway Station, which is the first stop of the journey of hope for millions of people, we have continued our struggle both in the judicial process and on the street. Now they want to give the right to operate in the region to those who are far from carrying the cultural heritage of Haydarpaşa. ”


Pointing out that Haydarpaşa Gar and its environs leave deep traces in the lives of the people in this land, Solmaz said that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is the most prominent institution that can protect and develop cultural values ​​with a whipping understanding in the region. Underlining that Istanbul's historical and cultural values ​​can be protected by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on behalf of Istanbulites, Solmaz said, bir A company that sees this place as a commercial area and tries to profit from its activities here will harm the cultural values ​​of this place. We made legal objections and filed a criminal complaint about those responsible for the tender. I invite the TCDD to return from this mistake. ((One day)

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