Safe Driving and Telemetry System to Prevent Metrobus Accidents

safe driving and telemetry system to prevent metrobus accidents
safe driving and telemetry system to prevent metrobus accidents

IETT came to the final stage in tests related to the “Safe Driving and Telemetry System veren, which gives drivers early warning. With the system to be used on the Metrobus route, follow-up distance and lane violations will be prevented.

IETT, one of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's (IMM) affiliates, has accelerated its efforts to provide safer services to Metrobuses, which have close to one million passengers every day. With the “Safe Driving and Telemetry System an, tests are started to be implemented on the Metrobus line, which travels a thousand times a day with 7 thousand times and 220 thousand kilometers.


Providing training to all drivers on emergency, fire, vehicle physical characteristics and safe driving at least once a year, IMM will also benefit from driving safety technology to prevent accidents on the Metrobus line. IMM has accelerated its work on a new system that warns drivers against risks with the early warning principle and reached the final stage in the tests. Safe Driving and Telemetry System will enable Istanbul residents to travel safely on Metrobus line soon.

Together with the Safe Driving and Telemetry System, a device that works with image interpretation technology will be placed in every vehicle. Through this device you will be alerted to the driver by detecting objects in traffic, 80 meters distance. These warnings will be delivered to both visual and audible drivers. At the same time will be sent to the driver's seat to prevent accidents with vibration.

The data from the new system will alert the drivers, while the IETT will store the data. Thus, in case of violation, relevant IETT units will be informed. The data will also be used in driver training.

“We want to reduce accidents to zero”

IETT Head of Transportation Technologies Department Ramazan Kadiroğlu shared details about the system that will soon be offered to Istanbul residents. Kadiroğlu emphasized that drivers will be warned while driving, audible, visual and vibrating.

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