Generation Road Project, 40 to Save Million People from Poverty

generation project will save millions of people from poverty
generation project will save millions of people from poverty

According to a study published by the World Bank, the China and 2013 initiative introduced by the Generation and Road initiative, 7 million 600 million people in extreme countries, 32 million people will get rid of moderate poverty. The initiative will also increase 2,8 to 9,7 percent of the trade volume of the participating countries. In global trade, 1,7 to 6,2 will increase and global income will rise by 0,7-2,9. To date, 136 countries have signed to participate in this initiative…

Cumhurbaşkanı Silk Road Economic Belt ”and“ 2013. Which were formed during the visits of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Central Asia and South East Asia in the autumn of 1. 6 has become a common product that has been welcomed on a global scale.

The initiative, in which Xi Jinping pays special attention to China's 70 anniversary celebrations, further strengthened the mutual political trust, economic cohesion and human and cultural ties between the countries concerned.

As of the end of July, 136 received the number of countries that signed a cooperation certificate with China within the framework of Generation and Road; the number of international organizations increased to 30. The project was also written to the resolutions of the United Nations many times under the title of inşa Building the partnership of fate of humanity ”.

Turkey is well positioned in the heart of the project

Faced with various claims by Western countries, Belt and Road cooperation, East Africa, the first highway, the Maldives first bridge over the sea, Belarus has its own car manufacturing. The introduction of the Mombasa-Nairobi railroad contributed 50 points to Kenya's economic growth, creating about 1,5 thousand jobs in the region.

Turkey in the framework of the agreement signed with China in 2015 was included in the Belt Road Project. In this context, the works for the Çanakkale Strait Bridge, 3 Storey Tube Crossing Project, Filyos, Çandarlı and Mersin ports construction and Edirne-Kars high-speed train and connections railway project are continuing.

The project aims to connect Asia, Africa and Europe; This includes an investment of billions of dollars in infrastructure, including highways, railways, harbors and power transmission lines. 21. century and identified as one of the largest development projects with the Belt and Road initiative; the construction and integration of transport, telecommunications, energy and other infrastructure networks in these regions, credit and capital opportunities for new projects, customs and tax coordination between regions and trade and investment opportunities are expected to be revitalized.



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