Gaziantep Airport Will Be Opened On 29 October 2020

gaziantep airport will be opened in October
gaziantep airport will be opened in October

DHMİ General Manager and Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Keskin, 29 October 2020'de planned to be opened in Gaziantep Airport, the new terminal construction was examined.

DHMİ General Manager Hüseyin Keskin used the following statements after his examination at Gaziantep Airport: “We are in Gaziantep to examine the construction of the airport on site. If Allah fatally, we will both celebrate our Republic Day and open our new terminal building on October 29, 2020. Our fabulous terminal building continues to rise. Our 2.500-vehicle indoor car park and a 70.000 m2 terminal building will serve here. We will have the runway, taxiway and bridge bellows where the largest wing aircraft can operate at full capacity. I hope God will open this work with our Minister and our Governor as a manager who fulfills what he promised rather than a promise here.



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