Good News of Free Transportation to Muhtars in İzmir

free transport mujta to muhtars in izmir
free transport mujta to muhtars in izmir

Izmir Mayor Tunç Soyer, 1 November public transport will be free of charge for mukhtars announced.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality celebrated Mukhtar's Day, which has been held since 2015, with a lunch held in Izmir. 1 Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer explained that public transport in İzmir will be free of charge to the mukhtars as of November 2019. You are our most important comrades in order to determine the common needs of our neighborhoods and villages, ensure that our works come to life and provide the right service to the people ”.

“You are the eyes of the people k

In his speech, addressing the mukhtars, Tunç Soyer emphasized that their work is very important for the society and said: dan We have been meeting with the mukhtars since the day I was the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, and we are trying to identify the problems and needs conveyed by you and produce solutions. We have been working with the 30 headman since the first day in the district. Ede

“Thanks to the mobile authority we will be able to cure your troubles”

Tunc Soyer stated that the waiting for the wishes and complaints of the mukhtars and the citizens was not correct in terms of local democracy. Our mukhtars and citizens will no longer wait at the municipal gate. Thanks to our mobile office project, we come to your neighborhoods with our bureaucrats, listen to your demands and try to be a cure for your problems. ” Tunç Soyer said that they were the people who knew the neighborhoods and their problems the best. Therefore, as Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we will strive to produce service for the next 4 and a half years under the guidance of you, taking the inspiration from you and on your route. ”

They presented a book to Tunç Soyer

Speaking at the Aegean Region Food Mukhtar Federation President Zeynep Taylor said, "We are the largest ailesiyiz in Turkey. We had a 187 year, but not a day. Dear Mukhtars. I thank you for inviting us and providing this opportunity.. Hasan Baykal, President of the Izmir Mukhtars Association, said, I congratulate all of you, headmen. I would like to thank our Mayor Tunç Soyer, the esteemed municipal bureaucrats and the mayors of the district.

The mayors of Url gave President Soyer two baskets full of books before dinner. Karşıyaka President of the Association of Mukhtars Levent Güçlü and President of the İzmir Mukhtars Association Hasan Baykal presented flowers to Soyer.

Following the speeches, two of the muhtars, who will use their free boarding cards as of November, received their cards from the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer.

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