Continuous Inspection of Service Vehicles for the Safe Transportation of Students in Mersin

The services are continuously monitored for safe and comfortable transportation of students in Mersin
The services are continuously monitored for safe and comfortable transportation of students in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues to carry out service inspections for the safe transportation of students. Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams perform service security inspections with precision in schools throughout the city. These high-level inspections aim to ensure that students can make their transportation between school and home safely and comfortably. The most common problem encountered during the inspections was the transfer of students over the number stated in the license.

Safe and comfortable transportation of students

Within the scope of the service vehicle inspections carried out routinely in all schools throughout the city, the service vehicles serving in Barbaros Primary School in Yenişehir District were inspected by the Police Department teams for the safe transportation of students.

In the inspections, issues such as document control of vehicles, whether they carry students according to the number specified in the license are handled as priority. In addition, the vehicles' seat belt, fire extinguisher tubes, student guide, route permits, non-fixed windows, such as iron cage system control whether the conditions are meticulously examined.

282 service tool checked

Regular inspections carried out in a different school every day during the education period, aims to ensure the comfortable, comfortable and safe transportation of students. Detection minutes related to the deficiencies seen during the audits are arranged and criminal proceedings are applied.

The teams have supervised the 2019 service vehicle since the beginning of the 2020-282 training season. The 10 vehicle was penalized for failing to comply with the specified conditions. During the inspections, the student was sentenced for carrying more than the number stated in the license. Teams, each vehicle on the average amount of 320 TL cut penalty.

Servants are also satisfied with the inspections

Expressing satisfaction with the service driver Mehmet Celik, “I think the application is very good, such applications must be. We do our best to ensure the safety of the children. We're after our job as much as we can. We are pleased with the supervision of the municipality ”.

Thanks to Mayor Seçer, one of the service drivers

Kemal Erkoç, the servant who thanked the Mayor Vahap Seçer for the school service inspections implemented within the scope of security measures, said, “These practices are very good and we see our shortcomings. We do not have any missing documents, we do our work for our children. Mr. Vahap is more interested in these issues. There were no such inspections before. Thanks to the president. We are doing our job as much as we can. ”

Batur Kandemir, one of the students of Barbaros Primary School said, “I am very pleased with my friends and service hostess. Some of the services behave irresponsibly and do not allow children to wear their seat belts and cause similar accidents. That's why I think they're doing good with the audit. ”

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams, 444 21 53 call center, taking into account all kinds of complaints about school service vehicles, are making the necessary operations.

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