Transportation Mobilization from Erzurum Metropolitan

erzurum buyuksehir transportation mobilization
erzurum buyuksehir transportation mobilization

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, the city's transport networks, as well as the central districts and villages connected to the roads that provide quality.

Uzunahmet, Nebihanlar, Pusu Deresi, Sığırlı and Şehit Burak Karakoç neighborhoods covering the Uzunahmet Group Road as well as expanding and asphalting work in Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, 19 kilometer-long transportation network has redesigned almost. 36 thousand 712 tons of asphalt and 53 thousand 637 tons of PMT asphalt used in the group on the road to the transportation facilities of the Metropolitan Municipality, once again revealed that the service knows no limits. Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, Erzurum, Erzurum, as well as enriching the possibilities of transportation to make qualified efforts, said: "My kadirşinas citizens deserve the best of everything," he said.


Recalling that the Metropolitan Municipality has concentrated on the transportation networks at various points of the city this summer season, Mayor Sekmen said, en While building new connection roads, boulevards, viaducts and intersections in the city center, we did not forget our neighborhood villages. We have renewed Uzunahmet Group Road, which connects the city center and 5 neighborhood village with a total length of 19 kilometers, and we have eliminated a huge transportation problem in this region ”.


Within the scope of improvement and re-arrangement of the group roads, 36 thousand 712 tons of asphalt and 53 thousand 637 tons of coating material called Plentmiks, said Sekmen, ulaşım Transportation needs are increasing and changing as our city is developing and growing. In this sense, we create new transportation networks at some points, and in some regions, we revise our roads and make them meet the needs. As the Metropolitan Municipality; We will continue to develop and strengthen the transportation facilities in Erzurum and to provide our city with an accessible and accessible city identity. Kul



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