Easy Access to Kocaeli University from 12 Districts by Park

easy transportation from the county with ulasimpark
easy transportation from the county with ulasimpark

Turkey's youngest fleet with transport Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality ulaşımpark its subsidiaries, total 12 from different districts of Kocaeli University (COD) 'What makes the transport service.

Metropolitan Municipality provides transportation service in Kocaeli by 336 environmentally friendly bus. The Metropolitan also provides students with easy access to Kocaeli University during the 2019-2020 academic year. 12 nature-friendly natural gas buses departing from different points of the district continue to satisfy both students and citizens who want to go to university hospitals.


Citizens and students transfer to Kocaeli University via line 200, 250 and 280 and transfer from bus station via line 10. Line 530 and 435 from Gebze, Çayırova and Darıca, and Dilovası and 305, 300, 190, 175, 170 with Derince and 105,145,115 from Derince with 10 and 116 can go to Umuttepe. Line 70, 85,13, 210,10 with Karamürsel and Gölcük line from İzmit with line 755, 750 and 710 provide students access to Umuttepe once a day. The line 600, 630, 635, 640, 645, 650 from Başiskele provides transportation to the KOU via line 255, 265, 210, and finally from Kandira to 800, 805, 806 and line 10. Citizens and students find out more about transport I www.e-komobil.co ve www.kocaeli.bel.t is addresses.

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