Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau 4 2,5 Hosted More Than Million Guests

marine ropeway and bagbası plateau welcomes more than million guests a year
marine ropeway and bagbası plateau welcomes more than million guests a year

Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau, which Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has put into service with the aim of enriching the social life of the citizens and spending time in environments intertwined with nature, has left its 4th year behind. The facility, which has hosted more than 2,5 million guests to date, continues to be an attraction center for 4 seasons.

In Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey with Aegean Denizli's longest gondola lift cable car and unparalleled Bağbaşı Plateau, 4th year was hosted more than 2,5 million visitors. Denizli cable cars and Bağbaşı Plateau is the largest project of Denizli Municipality, after receiving 17 October 2015 to serve not only the people of Denizli, Turkey 4 has become the hangout spot of guests from one side and abroad. Aegean has the most and longest cable car in Turkey is unparalleled project attracted the interest of citizens intense from the first day. The facility, where thousands of people flock from 7 to 70 every day, has become the center of highland tourism. Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau, which is a center of attraction for 4 seasons with its magnificent view and its fascinating structure, also mobilized the tourism professionals. Private tours have also started to be organized.

A new breath to Denizli tourism

Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan stated that the Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau is one of the biggest projects they brought to the city, and the facility brought a new breath to Denizli tourism. Stating that Denizli is now the center of plateau tourism, Mayor Zolan said, “Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau, where nature makes itself felt in every sense, has become a center of attraction for 4 seasons. Our citizens who want to see snow in the winter, who are overwhelmed by the summer, flock here. Explaining that the facility has been visited by more than 4 million people in 235 years, President Osman Zolan said: “In addition to its magnificent nature, we offered a different beauty to our citizens with accommodation facilities, social areas, games and entertainment venues. We are happy and proud to bring such a beautiful value to our sea. ”
Indispensable address for nature lovers

Bungalow houses, tent camping area, restaurant and picnic area serve to visitors in Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau, which are covered in white with the winter season and have all the shades of green since the first days of spring. The facility, which also offers local tastes, is one of the most sought-after places for nature lovers with its beauty that doesn't look like tables.



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