Cooperation with Ethiopia in Railway Sector Will Be Developed

cooperation with Ethiopia in railway sector
cooperation with Ethiopia in railway sector

TCDD General Director in order to improve cooperation in the field of railways between Ethiopia and Turkey, Ali Ihsan appropriate, TICA Deputy Chairman Serkan Rocks, Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC), CEO of dr.sentayenh the Woldemichael between Yohannes "Regarding the Development of the Railway Sector Cooperation" signed a memorandum of tripartite consensus.

Accordingly, in his speech at the signing ceremony of brotherly and friendly countries, noting that welcomes Ethiopia's railway authorities and railway construction in recent years, he said both the start of deep relations between Turkey and Ethiopia in the industry.

Noting that these relations continue and develop, Uygun said, “Today we are signing a Memorandum of Understanding between Ethiopian Railways and TCDD General Directorate. We are considering transferring the experience gained in TCDD's 163-year history to Ethiopia with the said record. ” he spoke.

Uygun wished that the conquest to be signed would be beneficial.

“We aim to move relations with the memorandum of understanding forward”

Yohannes is also a week in Turkey, and declaring that they toured many facilities, construction, education and stated that they see success in the field of transportation.

Explaining that they are aiming to further their relations with the memorandum of understanding that will be signed today, Yohannes said, “Especially the issues of infrastructure development, transportation, business administration and human resources education are our priority.” said.

Expressing that they want to benefit from the experience of TCDD, Yohannes said that he believes that the capture will further the long-term relations between the two countries culturally and economically.

Kayalar, on the other hand, explained that TIKA has implemented many projects for the development of relations with Ethiopia since 2005 and said that they are happy to be part of the memorandum to be signed in this project to develop relations with the railway network between the two countries.

After the speeches, the tripartite Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Uygun, Kayalar and Yohannes.

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