Bursa is the only hope for Çanakkale's high speed train!

canakkalen's only hope for fast train is bursa
canakkalen's only hope for fast train is bursa

Hab We saw the news in the local media of Çanakkale. Though, we had previously read their desire to connect to Bursa from the high speed train, but this time we saw that they were more excited.
There is a very ambitious image of excitement. "Good news for high-speed train to CanakkaleCümle the following sentence sets forth the ambitious expectation:
“The Çanakkale-Bilecik high speed train project is planned to be completed in 2021.”
The News ...
In addition to the Çanakkale-Bandırma-Bursa-Bilecik line, there is also information about the Bandırma-Çanakkale-Tekirdağ line.
When the project is completed, the news that Bandırma-Bursa between 30 minutes, Bandırma-İzmir between 90 minutes and Bandırma-Tekirdağ between 240 minutes will take place.
In addition to cargo transportation, passengers will also be connected to Ankara-Istanbul via Bursa.
As we recalled at the beginning, this kind of news is not new in the local media of Bandırma and Çanakkale.
While the problems related to the train line of Bursa could not be solved… 01 August 2011 tender and 23 December Bursa-Yenişehir line infrastructure works which were laid in Balat in 2012 could not get out of the tunnels… 23 March 2018 bile When all our hopes were broken and exhausted because of all this ken
It is interesting to see the hope of Çanakkale over us.
One thing that comes to our mind is that it makes us say “Let's hope”.
Today, the tender was canceled, the new tender because of the budget balances in the name of the high-speed railway Osmaneli-Bursa High Standard Railway Line 10 years ago, more industrial products from Bursa to the port of Eskişehir wanted to get into the program.
Since the perception that Bursa will not be realized for us, we can get to the train thanks to the excitement and hope of Çanakkale.
Is it obvious? (Olay - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz)

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