Bursa Governorship Takes Action for Uludağ

the governor of Bursa has moved to uludag
the governor of Bursa has moved to uludag

Bursa Governor's Office has prepared an extensive report looking for the old days, Turkey's first ski resort. The report, which emphasized the modernization of Uludağ, was presented to Ankara.

Turkey's first ski resort of Uludag, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced "xnumx't to 2023 million tourists" came up again with the target.


Uludağ, which was named after a tree named ia Mysia indeki in the period of the Roman Empire, was named “Monk Mountain birlikte after the Ottoman conquest of the region.

Uludağ, which gained its present name in the Republican era, was a favorite place of all civilizations. With the construction of a small hotel in 1926, the first foundations were laid for skiing in Uludağ. At 1933, professional skiing has officially started in Uludağ with the completed road.


3, once a favorite of domestic and foreign tourists, has no place in the monthly winter season, especially in Uludağ, which is the favorite of the Russians.

Parking and transportation problems to solve the steps taken will not be enough new ski slopes and settlements in the opinion of the renewal of the governorship of Bursa, Uludag took the first step to return to the old days.

According to Sabah Newspaper Ali Altundaş, 70 prepared a comprehensive Uludağ report and presented it to Ankara in order to contribute to the goal of million tourists.


The report analyzed many topics ranging from Turks preferring Bulgaria to skiing to price policy in Uludag.

Daily turnout of the citizens to turn the ski slopes into the picnic area was noted.

Within the scope of the report sent to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it was underlined that if Uludağ was re-modernized and its problems were solved, it would contribute to the country's tourism.

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