Bursa's Railway Line Is Not Fast anymore 'High Standard'

bursa railway line is no longer high standard
bursa railway line is no longer high standard

Night ken While browsing the TCDD website, we found ourselves on the 2019 Investment Program page. Moreover, we were surprised to see the information on the page.
What we see is this:
TCDD General Directorate 1 In August 2019 made the fifth revision on the investment program.
Until this date…
In other words, the name of the Bandırma-Bursa-Yenişehir-Osmaneli project, which was included in the program as a high speed train until August, was changed to High Standard Railway with the revision.

tcdd investment program
tcdd investment program

In the list ...
The Ankara-Istanbul line, which is still under construction and consisting of Kayaş-Ankara-Sincan, Sincan-Esenkent, Esenkent-Eskişehir, Eskişehir Station Crossing, Eskişehir-İnönü, İnönü-Vezirhan, Vezirhan-Köseköy, Köseköy-Gebze, is naturally the highest speed train. at the top.
Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Polatli-Afyon-Usak-Manisa-Izmir and Yerkoy-Kayseri lines are listed in the High Speed ​​Train category.
We asked the ones who know this business what it means to change the name of the Osmaneli-Bursa line in the High-Speed ​​Railway category as the High Standard Railway in the investment program.
Again, the high cost of high-speed train construction appeared. They said:
Yolcu Both passenger train and freight train will operate on the Bursa line. Therefore, this place has become a conventional line class. "
“This line came out of the high-cost high-speed train category and was included in the second category, the conventional line where passenger-freight train lines work together.”
In this case…
In the High Standard Railway project within the scope of the conventional line envisaged for day and night cargo transportation, high speed train wagon can be operated as well as normal passenger wagon.
TCDD will make the choice based on the conditions of the day and the adequacy of the high speed train sets at hand.
Even so…
There is hope, of course. The realization of that hope depends on the decision of political will.

3 billion appropriations spent on 2.1 billion

1 of TCDD General Directorate According to the 2019 investment program revised in August, Bandırma-Bursa-Yenişehir-Osmaneli High Standard Railway Project consists of 180 kilometer lines.
The program ...
3, which is all equity, is projected to cost TL million. Its 1 billion 940 million 508 thousand pounds in 2018, 252 million 010 thousand pounds were spent in 2019, and total expenditure reached 2 billion 192 million 518 thousand pounds.
New cost…
The Yenişehir-Osmaneli line to be built again and the Bursa-Yenişehir line will be announced by the superstructure-electromechanical tender.

Most urgent response: Canceled train tender again next month

In these columns,… We announced on Monday and yesterday that the tender for the 3 billion 2018 million pounds in the 2 April 520 for the whole of the Bursa-Yenişehir line superstructure and electromechanical works and the Yenişehir-Osmaneli line was canceled.
In June 2018, the tender was announced, due to the global economic hardship, the cost had already exceeded 4 billion pounds before it started.
It is not easy to bear such an increase. Therefore, the contractor could not even deliver the place, the process brought the cancellation of the tender.
News about the emergency response came from Serbia.
AK Party Bursa deputy Dr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Belgrade with the AK Party. Mustafa Esgin construction of Turkey's assume that Belgrade-Sarajevo Highway Transportation Minister Cahit Turhan groundbreaking ceremony opened the tender cancellation.
Following the Minister's intervention, he reported the progress:
“There won't be much delay, and the canceled auction will be held next month.”

2 for Bursa train has working place

In fact, Bursa Expenditures for Bursa train, whose name was revised as High Standard Railway in the investment program, also reveal the situation of the business.
The program, 2019 only 252 billion 10 million pounds in spending is seen, and this situation is reflected in the construction site.
For a long time, there has been concrete pouring works only on Demirtaş Viaduct and in the Kazıklı area of ​​Ring Road. He walks with the 4 worker who is also working. (Olay - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz)

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