Bursa Breaks Export Records with UR-GE Projects

bursa broke export records with ur ge projects
bursa broke export records with ur ge projects

Ibrahim Burkay, Chairman of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), stated that Bursa's export volume has increased with the support of International Competitiveness Development (UR-GE) projects conducted under the leadership of BTSO. We have reached. ”

The UR-GE and HISER projects carried out by the BTSO with the support of the Ministry of Commerce increase the cooperation between the companies and strengthen the export mobilization of Bursa. Turkey at the same time most UR-D projects in the institutions conducting the BCCI position, while providing support to members who want to export the said projects, the company is increasing its competitiveness in international markets. From 24 UR-GE and HISER project carried out by BTSO in strategic sectors from machinery to rail systems, from textiles to construction, companies close to 800 benefited. In total, 100 has made significant export successes with the promotion, branding, training, consultancy, overseas marketing and procurement mission activities organized within the scope of the projects, which provided close to USD million.


The companies coming together under the leadership of BTSO carried out overseas marketing activities on the continent close to 5 within the scope of the projects. Participating in the bilateral business meetings held in targeted markets from America to Russia and from Japan to South Africa, the project member companies created new business networks in the global arena. BTSO also brought together the world's leading companies in their sectors with its members in Bursa with the purchase delegation of more than 50. BTSO, which has brought more than one thousand foreign buyers to 30 so far, has opened the way for new collaborations. The purchasing delegations organized within the scope of UR-GE also led Bursa to gain new generation fairs such as Junioshow Bursa International Baby and Children Ready-to-Wear and Children's Needs Fair and Bursa Textile Show. The export success of the companies was sustained through analysis studies in which the current status and needs of the companies were determined and UR-GE projects where high standard training and consultancy activities were also provided.


In the R & D activities carried out with a clustering approach, cluster members showed an export increase performance above their sectors thanks to export-oriented competition strategies. In 49 annual project period, 3 export growth has been experienced in 456 company's Space Aviation Defense UR-GE, while export value of firms has reached 12.7 dollars per kilogram. While the baby and children's garment sector companies achieved 33 export increase, 147 company involved in the project made exports for the first time. In the Bebe-Çocuk UR-GE, where 26 percent of the companies participated in the international fair for the first time, there were also dealers and stores in Russia, USA, South Africa and Serbia. During the three-year project period, 82 percent in rail systems, 100 percent in chemistry, 30 percent in composites, 131 percent in machinery, 35 percent in food sector increased.


UR-GE projects carried out by BTSO have been cited as examples of good practice by the Ministry of Commerce thanks to their concrete contributions to the companies. While the Textile and Baby-Child Garment Sector UR-GEs were awarded by the Ministry, the Baby-Child Garment Sector UR-GE project also received the Cluster Excellence Label by the European Cluster Analysis Secretariat.


Evaluating BTSO's UR-GE activities, BTSO President İbrahim Burkay stated that the growth of Bursa's economy should be based on exports. Explaining that firms have determined strategies that will open the way for export, Mayor Burkay said, “The importance of foreign trade increases with globalization. In this context, we are carrying out UR-GE projects with the support of our Ministry of Commerce with the aim of increasing our companies' export-based income and developing their skills they need in an international competitive environment. 75 percent of the cost of the activities we carry out under the project is supported by the Ministry of Trade. The remaining 25 percent is for parts only support is available by pre-financing for companies of our Chamber in Turkey. Thanks to UR-GE projects, we succeeded in mobilizing the potential of our companies working in the domestic market. Many of our companies have opened up to new markets and have become a part of global competition. ” said.


President Burkay stated that thanks to UR-GE, companies have acquired the necessary capabilities for export and compete with their competitors in the world. “ In our UR-GE projects, we achieved significant export increases reaching 400 percent thanks to our effective project management. With the contribution of our projects, in 2018, Bursa was able to reach 15 billion dollars for the first time in its history in export. Over the last 5, more than 1.100 SMEs have gained exporters identity. Bursa products are now sold to different countries of the world 188. We have bigger goals in the coming period. In this direction, we started UR-GE activities in the elevator, bodywork and vehicle structure, furniture, automotive sub-industry and rubber sectors. We aim to increase the number of our projects to 30 in a short period of time and to include our companies in different sectors within the game. Bursa will continue to lead the export-oriented development of 2019 and our country in the coming years. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Ruhsar Pekcan, Minister of Commerce for his contributions to our projects and to the officials of the Ministry. ”



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