Bodrum Bus Station Construction Works In Progress

bodrum bus station construction works in progress
bodrum bus station construction works in progress

Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Osman Gürün made examinations at Bodrum Bus Station, which is under construction.

Bodrum Torba Junction 30 thousand 759 square meters of land under construction and will cost £ 74 Millions of Bodrum Bus Station in the examination of the Mayor of Mugla. Osman Gürün said that with the completion of the bus station, Bodrum's urban traffic would relax to some extent, and the solar panels on the roof of the bus station would produce its own energy.

Chairman Gurun; “We offer services that suit our Muğla, protect this beautiful city and make the lives of our citizens easier. kazanWe will continue to climb.”

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr., who made investigations at Bodrum bus station and received information from the authorities. Osman Gurun provides innovative and Mugla-worthy services to the city they live in. kazanHe said that they were happy to climb. Chairman Gurun; “Muğla is a city that is above the Turkey average in terms of sunshine duration. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we want to benefit from solar energy as much as possible. The roof of our Bodrum Bus Station will also consist of solar panels and will produce its own energy. In addition, there will be charging stations for the increasing number of electric cars in our new bus station. Due to the fact that our current bus station is in the busiest part of our Bodrum district, the traffic congestion will also decrease somewhat when our new bus station is operational. The services that suit and protect our Muğla and make the lives of our citizens easier are offered to the city we live in. kazanWe will continue to climb.” said.

40 percent of Bodrum Bus Station works of the Metropolitan Municipality, which attracts attention with its investments throughout Muğla and which makes the highest investment in Muğla, has been completed. Bodrum Bus Station, which is planned to be opened next year, has been designed as 21 bus platform, 45 minibus platform, 157 open car park, 19 closed car park and 8 handicapped car park.

Bodrum Bus Station will produce its own energy, will have electric car charging station

The roof of the Bodrum Intercity Bus Terminal will consist entirely of solar panels and will generate its own energy on the roof. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality's slaughterhouse facilities, Menteşe bus station, Bodrum after the additional service building will be the fourth facility that uses solar energy. Turkey at a bus station in the basement 6 first electric vehicle charging station to serve the citizens.

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