Bayburt's imaginary railway for years is very important for the region

bayburtun dreamed for years in terms of the railway region is very important
bayburtun dreamed for years in terms of the railway region is very important

The Trabzon Bayburtlular Association, who is uncomfortable about the lack of Bayburt on the Erzincan-Gumushane-Trabzon Railway route, which has been discussed in public in recent days and made a tender for the project, made a written press statement.

Trabzon Bayburt, especially for years, dreaming of the railway project is of great importance for the region, indicating the importance of the Trabzon Bayburtlular Association President Saadettin Okay in his written press statement gave the following statements:

Demiryolu In recent years, the railway route project, which is closely related to Trabzon and our neighboring provinces, has caused discussions in different dimensions. As it is known, the issue of railway has been one of the most important agenda items of Trabzon from past to present. Trabzon has never lost its status as a central city in terms of its geographical location. The fact that Trabzon will be connected to the Erzincan route by rail will add significant power to the development of the city. It is as important as the route that will be determined for the realization of such a project ”.

“We believe that the promise made in Bayburt will be fulfilled”

Stating that many scientific studies and ideas were put forward about the route in question, Okay said, “One of them is Prof.Dr. Honor Oruç made important statements. Furthermore, we witness that Bayburt has started many studies on railroad which is one of his longings and dreams, but there are no positive developments despite the promises of Bayburt to the politicians. The Buddha naturally makes us sad as Bayburt people living in Trabzon. When we look at the results of the scientific studies carried out to this day, the most suitable and economical geography of the Railway Project, which is considered on the Erzincan-Trabzon route, is seen as Erzincan, Bayburt, Çaykara and Of routes. The project, which is closely related to the whole region and which we believe to be an important investment for our country, is so important that it will not be left to the mercy of political lobbies. We believe that no one has the right to disappoint people who have been living with the dream of a railway for years, and that the promise of railway to Bayburt will be fulfilled. We would like our citizens to know that we will fulfill our responsibility as an association. We invite everyone, especially the NGOs in Bayburt, who are responsible for this issue to be sensitive and to take the necessary common attitude when the road is close.Bayburtmedy to)

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