Bayburt Governor Cüneyt Epcim Railway Description

bayburt governor cuneyt epcimden railway description
bayburt governor cuneyt epcimden railway description

Governor Cuneyt Epcim, on the agenda of the railway discussions in relation to the route shifted from Bayburt to Gumushane reported that the truth does not reflect.

Governor Epcim said, yok We are not too late for high-speed train. The rhetoric of the tender is definitely not real. ”

Bayburt Central Villages Union Union Meeting in the end of the Assembly Meeting Governor Epcim made a statement on the subject, clarified the debate on the railway route.

Expressing that the discourse on the subject does not reflect the truth, Governor Epcim said, “When we look at the State Railways Strategic Plan, we see this clearly. I also met with the officials of the General Directorate of State Railways. They say we will work in accordance with the strategic plan. This means that there will be no tendering to the North - South axis before the East - West axis is over. In other words, we do not make any tender about the high speed train to be connected to Trabzon or Rize via Erzincan and it is not on the agenda to make a tender in the near future. ”

Governor Epcim pointed out that it is not possible to handle the project independently of the railroad projects in the surrounding and nearby provinces. We can only express that. Even the Sivas line is not working in the high-speed train project. After Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum lines will come. Erzurum will be connected to Kars. This means that there is no tendering to be held in a very short time. There have been several attempts before this. There will then be initiatives. I am sure that Bayburt will be evaluated in this regard. Of course, Bayburt and other provinces will benefit from this. ”

Governor Epcim, Special Provincial Administration, Village Service Union and Supporting the Infrastructure of the Villages (KÖYDES) project within the scope of investments made significant improvements in Bayburt said. Stating that the studies carried out in the villages are promising for the future, Governor Epcim said, “Of course, the needs are unlimited but we should not underestimate the point reached. We encountered a Bayburt with almost no unpaved roads. We observed that our villages have significantly solved the problems of sewage and drinking water..

Governor Epcim noted that various solutions for small-scale problems in drinking water were emphasized.: I hope we will bring our village infrastructure to much better points. As of today, we have seen 25 kilometers of asphalt work done inside the village during the year. Of course not enough. But we did this during one of the most difficult budget periods in the history of the Republic. The importance of this should be seen in particular. If these are done under these conditions, we can say that we can do much more in the years to come. ”

“It is necessary to say to Bayburt that our government and Mr. President have a very positive view. Turkey's largest investment projects in this region. When we are proportional to our population, we can say that the investment resources are quite high. Vauka Mountain Tunnel, Salmankaş Tunnel, Bayburt - Turkey's largest projects, such as Gumushane Airport is continuing in this area. We find that very important. Our government's view of our region, our people, especially Bayburt's national and spiritual values, has always been positive. After that it will be positive. ”

Following the evaluations of Governor Epcim, the agenda items were discussed and resolved.

The meeting ended after the participants conveyed their demands and complaints.

Deputy Governor Remzi Demir, the meeting held at the Teachers' House, Deputy Chairman of the General Assembly Birol Keskinoğlu, President of the Association of Mukhtars Abubekir Altundaşoğlu, KHGB Director Erkan Karakoyun, the chiefs of public institutions and village headmen attended.

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