Project to Reduce Train Accidents on Batman Diyarbakır Railway

batman diyarbakir railway project to reduce train accidents
batman diyarbakir railway project to reduce train accidents

United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Diyarbakir Branch President Nusret Basmaci, Batman-Diyarbakir train journeys between the level of illegal crossing every month, said 4-5 train accident, the authorities should take action as soon as possible, he added.

Barrier security measures are taken for the passage of vehicles in settlements where the train line passes, and serious accidents occur in illegal passages created by the citizens with their own means. BTS Diyarbakir Branch President Nusret Basmaci, in a statement about the accidents experienced, drew attention to the rail system will reduce these accidents. Basmacı said that he opened passageways on the railways to meet the needs of the people arising from the development of cities. The train crash in Batman last week, although the road is high, the people there staircase. That's how it goes. Railways Directorates are closing these passages but the governorships and municipalities need to take precautions as soon as possible for permanent solutions. ”


Stating that there is an 4 – 5 train accident in Batman every month, Basmacı said, tren There are train accidents that result in death. A lot of people, both material and spiritual, are victims. Despite the fact that the 70-20 engine is moving at a fast pace instead of 25, the accidents still cannot be avoided.

One hundred thousand passengers are transported monthly between Diyarbakır and Batman. The tickets are running out. In order to make passenger transportation more and faster, railways should be used in these lines as in the west. That is why I find the signature campaigns initiated with the demand of the railcases important and appropriate. ” (Batmansonsöz)

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