The Capital's Roads Are Safer With Lines

the capital's ways are safer with lines
the capital's ways are safer with lines

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on traffic and road lines in the boulevards, streets and squares of the capital.

The Department of Science Affairs teams renew the traffic and road lines especially during the hours when the traffic is not heavy.


Metropolitan Municipality, 15 meters and more wide city roads and neighborhoods between the group by drawing road lines, driving safety also provides.

Thanks to the road marking and marking works carried out in places that are worn or needed, especially in the central points such as Kızılay and Sıhhiye, the traffic order is more controlled and drivers become aware of the traffic rules.


The Metropolitan Municipality also creates playgrounds for the students studying in schools by painting the playgrounds with play lines.

In order to contribute to the personal development of children, the Metropolitan Municipality painted the 6 school yard with play lines in the last 106 month and introduces traditional children's games to new generations.

Metropolitan Municipality, which brings together many game lines from the tombs to handkerchief grabs and burns to wholesale sex, makes the parking lines of the schools.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 1 Since April 2019, 190 has applied thousand thousand square meters of cold road marking paint on the asphalt, and performed bumps, pedestrian crossings and offset scans.

11 thousand square meterermoplastic road line across the capital, 22 thousand square meters double component pedestrian crossing, bend, speed cutter and road line Metropolitan Municipality, 742 at different points on the asphalt road and ground sign, bicycle sign, disabled sign, EGO lettering and Metropolitan logo he drew. Metropolitan teams worked by 7 / 24, 7 thousand square meters of various lines (parking, border, non-smoking area) also made marking.


Following the declaration of 2019 as a Pedestrian-Priority Traffic Year, the Greater Municipality increased its awareness with its road marking works and paints the points where pedestrian and school crossings are located with icons with Önce Pedestrian First log logo.

Ankara Municipality, District Governorates, Security, Provincial and District National Education Directorates working in coordination with the Metropolitan Municipality in the last 6 month asphalt across the capital 2 bin 156 "Pedestrian First" logo placed on the icon.

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