From Antalya Metropolitan to Operation Peace Spring Bayraklı Help

antalya big city peace pinari operation flagged support
antalya big city peace pinari operation flagged support

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the Turkish Armed Forces in the east of the Euphrates in the operation of the Peace Spring Mehmetçik'e in order to give moral support to the public transport vehicles hung the Turkish Flag. The application of the Metropolitan Municipality has received appreciation from Antalyalılar.

Within the scope of the Peace Spring Operation, the Turkish Armed Forces continued operations to create a safe zone in the east of the Euphrates in Syria, while the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality equipped the city buses with Turkish flags in order to provide moral support to Mehmetçi. Within the scope of the support campaign, which gives the message that the people of Antalya are the only heart of Turkish soldiers, buses will travel around the streets of Antalya with our Al Flag for three days. It was appreciated that the Metropolitan Municipality supported our soldiers with the Turkish Flag.


Bus stops waiting in Antalya, the application gave full support. Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality has shown a very meaningful behavior, Kemal Öze said, “The Turkish Flag is the symbol of our country. Simply wonderful application. It was very meaningful to support our soldiers and respect our martyrs. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for this sensitivity. ”


Ali Ünal Oğuz said that it was time to support Mehmetçik in unity and solidarity as a country. Our athletes salute soldiers in matches, our people hang Turkish Flags. These are psychological support to our soldiers, they give them morale. Metropolitan Municipality has started a beautiful application thank you, ”he said.

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