Wearing Rails Renew in Ankara Subway

ankara subway rail is renewed
ankara subway rail is renewed

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is renewing the worn or worn rails in Ankara Metro.

Continuing the maintenance, repair and renovation works throughout the capital, EGO General Directorate of Rail Systems Department is taking measures to ensure the uninterrupted comfortable transportation and safety of the citizens.


Ankara Metro Akköprü-Ivedik Stations between the 250 meter long rails began to change the work of the Department of Rail Systems Department, welding work between the time of 01.00-05.00 hours are doing.

With the completion of the replacement of worn rails, the existing speed limitation in the region will be eliminated and the travel time of the passengers will be reduced by approximately 1 minutes.

The rail change between Akköprü-Ivedik Stations is planned to be completed by 28 October.

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