Turkey-Poland Trade Relations and Investments Rail System

Polish economy and evaluation of rail system investments
Polish economy and evaluation of rail system investments

24-27 September 2019 between the TRACON Rail Turkey-Poland exhibition and trade relations during a visit I made about the activities and assessments made investments in the rail system Gdanski Poland are presented below.

Being the sixth largest economically within the EU, Poland is also the largest among the former Eastern Bloc members of the European Union. The country has a population of 38,2 million and 312.685 km2 has a surface area. Since 1990, Poland has followed an economic liberalization policy and its economy has been the only one in the EU that was not affected by the recession during the 2007-2008 economic crisis. The Polish economy has been showing a rising trend in the EU over the past 26 years. With this growth, GDP per capita in purchasing power parity increased by an average of 6%, and with the most impressive yield in Central Europe in the past two decades, it was the only country that managed to double its GDP since 1990.

The state of the country's economy in 2018:

GDP (Nominal): 586 billion USD
Real GDP growth rate: %5,4
Population: 38,2 million
Population growth rate: %0
GDP per capita (Nominal): 13.811 USD
Inflation rate: %1,7
Unemployment rate: %6,1
Total Exports: 261 billion USD
Total imports: 268 billion USD
Ranking in the world economy: 24

The biggest component of the economy is the service business with the 62.3 rate. This is followed by industry with 34,2% and agriculture with 3,5%.

Among the main export items of Poland are parts and accessories for road vehicles, passenger cars, furniture, monitors and projectors. Major export partners are Germany, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and France.

Among the main import items of Poland There are parts and accessories for passenger cars, crude oil, road vehicles, and medicines. Major import partners are Germany, China, Russia and the Netherlands.

The trade volume between Turkey and Poland (Millions of dollars):

Years 2016 2017 2018
our exports 2.651 3.072 3.348
our imports 3.244 3.446 3.102
Total trade volume 5.894 6.518 6.450
Balance -593 -374 +246

The main products we export to Poland are automobiles, parts for road vehicles, tractors, motor vehicles for collective passenger transport, refrigerators and textiles.

The main products we import from Poland are parts for road vehicles, diesel and semi-diesel engines, automobiles and beef products.

While Turkish investments in Poland between 2002 and 2018 were 78 million Dollars, Polish investments in our country were around 36 million Dollars.


Poland is a country that serves its citizens with a wide rail network. In most cities, the main train station is close to the city center and is planned integrated into the local transport system. The railway infrastructure is operated by the Polish State Railways, part of the state-run PKP Group. While the eastern part of the country is less developed in terms of rail network, the rail network is much denser in western and northern Poland. The capital city of Warsaw has the Warsaw Metro, which is the only fast transport system in the country.

The total railway length in Poland is 18.510 km and most of the line is electrified with 3kV DC. The railway is operated by the public and private sectors and the lion's share in the enterprise is in PKP (Polish State Railways). Established in 2001, PKP Group is an 69.422 employee and has a net income of 2017 million dollars in 16.3. PKP Group has 9 companies.

Company name Task
Polskie College Państwowe SA Management company. Manages and supervises the activities of other companies.
PKP Intercity It is a company that transports passengers between major cities and countries.
PKP Szybka College Miejska Gdańsk Główny yolcu is the company that transports passengers on the Rumia line.
PKP Cargo Cargo transportation company.
PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa It is the company that transports cargo on the wide line (1520 mm) in the south of the country.
PKP Telekomunikacja Kolejowa Railway telecommunications company.
PKP Energetyka The company is responsible for the electrification maintenance and repair works of the railway line.
PKP Informatyka It is an information technology company.
PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe The company is responsible for maintenance of infrastructure and superstructure.

In recent years, the economic importance of rail transport in Poland has been increasing. In 2017, PKP carried 4 million passengers, up 304% over the previous year. Freight transport also increased by 8% in comparison to the previous year and reached 240 million tons.

Poland has planned to invest 2023 billion dollars in railways by 16.5. The EU financed 60% of this planned amount. The investment of 7.8 billion dollars is still ongoing and the investment of 1.5 billion dollars has been completed recently. The 2 billion dollar investment is still at the tender stage.

The investment program is planned to modernize the 9000 km line, to make transportation faster and more reliable with modern signaling systems, and to improve access to the ports in Gdansk, Gdynia, Szczecin and Swinoujscie with the development of intermodal transportation.

PKP plans to modernize 2023 train stations by the end of 200. The cost of this is around 370 million dollars. As the renewal of infrastructure and superstructure requires the renewal of vehicles, PKP Intercity planned to purchase 1.7 new wagons and modernization of 185 wagons, purchase of 700 train sets and modernization of 19 train sets, purchase of 14 electric and diesel locomotives and modernization of 118 locomotives in its investment program of approximately 200 billion dollars. .

Operators operating regional trains other than PKP need vehicles. For example, in 2017 Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railway) went out to tender for 71 sets in Warsaw. The value of the tender was 550 million dollars, making it the largest tender in the history of regional railways. tender kazanThe moment was Stadler Rail. Stadler Rail has for 10 years a production facility in eastern Poland employing 700 people. This tender contract was signed in January 2018. Stadler's bid was higher than the other bids, but the auction contained 15 criteria and the price impact was 50%. In addition, Alstom has facilities in Katowice and Warsaw, employing 2900 people. More than 2000 people work at Bombardier's facilities and offices in Katowice, Lodz, Warsaw, Wroclaw. Among Polish vehicle manufacturers, there are companies such as PESA, Newag, Cegielski and Solaris. also BozankayaPanorama's tram system manufacturer, Medcom, a manufacturer of drawframe systems in Poland, employs 230 and% 25 is composed of designers and engineers.

Planned Rail System Lines and Turkish Companies KazanRail System Tenders

Warsaw Underground Line II (Warsaw / Poland) : Within the scope of the project awarded by Gülermak İnşaat, 6.5 km double line subway 7 underground metro station design, construction & art structures and architectural works, rail works signaling and electromechanical works. The value of the project is approximately 925 million Euros.

Warsaw Metro Line II (Phase II) (Warsaw / Poland): Within the scope of the project awarded by Gülermak İnşaat, there are 2.5 km Double Line Metro, 3 Underground Metro station design, construction & art structures, architectural works, rail works, signaling and electromechanical works.

Olsztyn Tramway Tender: Durmazlar'of kazanPanorama, which will be produced in the tender, has a capacity of 210 passengers. With the agreement covering the production of 12 trams in the first stage, it will be able to grow even more in the future and reach up to 24. The cost of the 12-car tram tender is approximately 20 million Euros.

Warsaw Tram Tender: Hyundai Rotem kazanThere are 213 options in the following terms in the 90 low-floor tram tenders. 428.2 million Euros of the 66.87 million tender will be financed by the EU. According to the tender, 60% of the tram parts will be supplied from Poland and the EU. All the traction equipment will be provided by the Polish company Medcom, while the data collection equipment will be provided by another Polish company ATM. Hyundai Rotem plans to manufacture 40% of the trams at the facility it plans to establish in Poland.

Poland is a good market for Turkey. We need to further develop our mutual trade relations.

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