Izmir Odemis Train Hours and Map 2019

Izmir Odemis Train Map
Izmir Odemis Train Map

Izmir Odemis Train Hours 2019: TCDD Tasimacilik AS 7 times between Izmir Odemis every day. After the road renewal works between İzmir Ödemiş, the interest of the citizens of Ödemiş is high. It is a fact that TCDD Tasimacilik AS has forced trainers to increase the number of trains on this line.

We present you Izmir Ödemiş train times as can be seen in the table below. We will share a few things you need to know in our article.You cannot buy tickets from TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş.'s website or mobile application, since the train services of Ödemiş Izmir are in the regional train class. Train ticket sales are made during the day and you cannot buy tickets in the future. For this reason, you can come to the stations before the departure time of the train you plan to travel and get your tickets from the station ticket offices.

Departure times of trains from İzmir (Basmane Gar) are: 06: 20, 09: 20, 12: 30, 15: 05, 17: 05, 20: 30 and 22: 05: 05: 20, 07: 05, 08: 45, 12: 00, 14: 50, 17: 55, and 19: 50.

The first train from Izmir to Odemis departs at 06:20 and the last train departs from Basmane Station at 22:05. The first train departs from Ödemiş to İzmir Direction at 05:20 and the last train departs at 19:50.

Average travel time to Izmir Ödemiş 2 hours 10 minutesd.

basmane odemis train schedule and map
basmane odemis train schedule and map

Izmir Odemis Train Stations

Check all trains from Izmir to Odemis 22 stations and pauses are:

  1. Izmir (Basmane),
  2. Gaziemir,
  3. AdnanMenderes (Airport),
  4. Meander,
  5. Pancar,
  6. Bag,
  7. Gürgür,
  8. Taskesik,
  9. Arıkbaşı,
  10. Watermelon,
  11. Handcraft,
  12. Furunl of
  13. Flourishing,
  14. Bayındır Vocational School,
  15. Yakakoy,
  16. Fork,
  17. Pınarlı Stop,
  18. Derebasi,
  19. Doors Down,
  20. İlkkurşun,
  21. Odemis Train Station
  22. Odemis City

Izmir Odemis Train Schedules

Station Izmir Odemis Trains
1. Train 2. Train 3. Train 4. Train 5. Train 6. Train 7. Train
Izmir (Basmane) Turkey PM06:20 PM09:20 PM12:30 PM15:05 PM17:05 PM20:30 PM22:05
Gaziemir PM06:39 PM09:39 PM12:49 PM15:25 PM17:25 PM20:49 PM22:25
Airport A. Menderes PM06:44 PM09:44 PM12:54 PM15:31 PM17:31 PM20:54 PM22:30
Menderes PM06:48 PM09:48 PM12:58 PM15:36 PM17:36 PM20:58 PM22:34
Beet PM07:02 PM10:02 PM13:12 PM15:50 PM17:51 PM21:12 PM22:48
Torbalı PM07:14 PM10:15 PM13:24 PM16:05 PM18:03 PM21:24 PM23:00
Gürgür x x PM13:32 x PM18:11 x x
Taskesik PM07:23 x PM13:35 x PM18:14 PM21:33 x
Arıkbaşı PM07:29 PM10:29 PM13:41 PM16:19 PM18:20 PM21:39 PM23:14
Watermelon PM07:35 PM10:35 PM13:47 PM16:25 PM18:26 PM21:45 PM23:20
handcraft PM07:38 x PM13:50 x PM18:29 x x
the Furunl PM07:41 x PM13:53 PM16:30 PM18:32 x x
Bayındır PM07:46 PM10:43 PM13:58 PM16:35 PM18:40 PM21:53 PM23:28
Bayındır Vocational School PM07:50 PM10:47 x PM16:39 x x x
Yakakoy PM07:53 x PM14:04 x PM18:46 x x
Fork PM07:57 PM10:52 PM14:08 PM16:48 PM18:50 PM22:01 PM23:36
Spring Stop PM08:01 x PM14:12 x PM18:54 x x
Derebasi PM08:06 x PM14:17 x PM18:59 x x
Doors Down PM08:10 x PM14:21 x PM19:03 x x
the İlkkurşun PM08:15 PM11:05 PM14:26 PM17:01 PM19:08 PM22:14 PM23:49
Odemis Train Station PM08:23 PM11:13 PM14:34 PM17:09 PM19:16 PM22:22 PM23:57
Odemis City PM08:28 PM11:18 PM14:39 PM17:14 PM19:21 PM22:27 PM00:02

Note: The last place is 7. The train only runs on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Odemis Izmir (Basmane) Train Schedule

Station Odemis Izmir Line Trains
1. Train 2. Train 3. Train 4. Train 5. Train 6. Train 7. Train
Odemis City PM05:20 PM07:05 PM08:45 PM12:00 PM14:50 PM17:55 PM19:50
Odemis Train Station PM05:24 PM07:09 PM08:49 PM12:04 PM14:54 PM17:59 PM19:54
Beytiköy PM05:29 x x x x PM18:04 x
the İlkkurşun PM05:35 PM07:18 PM08:58 PM12:13 PM15:04 PM18:10 PM20:04
Doors Down PM05:40 x x PM12:18 x PM18:15 x
Derebasi PM05:44 x x PM12:22 x PM18:19 x
Spring Stop PM05:49 PM07:29 x PM12:27 x PM18:24 x
Fork PM05:53 PM07:33 PM09:11 PM12:31 PM15:24 PM18:28 PM20:17
Yakakoy PM05:58 x x PM12:36 x PM18:33 x
Bayındır Vocational School PM06:01 PM07:40 PM09:17 x PM15:30 PM18:36 PM20:23
Bayındır PM06:05 PM07:47 PM09:21 PM12:41 PM15:34 PM18:41 PM20:30
the Furunl PM06:10 PM07:52 PM09:26 PM12:46 PM15:39 PM18:46 PM20:35
handcraft PM06:13 PM07:55 x PM12:49 x PM18:49 x
Watermelon PM06:16 PM07:58 PM09:31 PM12:52 PM15:44 PM18:52 PM20:40
Arıkbaşı PM06:22 PM08:04 PM09:37 PM12:58 PM15:50 PM18:58 PM20:46
Taskesik PM06:28 PM08:10 x PM13:04 x PM19:04 x
Gürgür PM06:31 x x x x PM19:07 x
Torbalı PM06:39 PM08:24 PM09:51 PM13:16 PM16:04 PM19:16 PM21:01
Beet PM06:50 PM08:37 PM10:02 PM13:27 PM16:15 PM19:27 PM21:12
Menderes PM07:05 PM08:52 PM10:16 PM13:41 PM16:29 PM19:41 PM21:27
Airport A.Menderes PM07:09 PM08:56 PM10:20 PM13:45 PM16:33 PM19:45 PM21:32
Gaziemir PM07:14 PM09:01 PM10:26 PM13:50 PM16:38 PM19:50 PM21:38
Izmir (Basmane) Turkey PM07:33 PM09:19 PM10:45 PM14:09 PM16:57 PM20:09 PM21:57

Note: The last place is 7. The train only runs on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Izmir Odemis Train Map

Map of Aegean Regional Trains

Izmir Ödemiş Train Ticket Price

On-line purchase and reservation cannot be made for the train that runs daily. You can buy tickets at the toll booths on a daily basis. Pulman seat ticket price per person 13,5 tbsp'Dr


Train stations ticket offices telephone numbers and opening hours.


Tel: 0232 484 86 38 Consultation - (07.00 - 21.30)


Tel: 0232 581 30 56 - (05.45 - 20.45)


Tel: 0232 856 16 30 - (06.00 - 21.30)


Tel: 0232 545 14 98 - (04.45 - 18.00)



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