Companies Who Spend Most R & D in 2018

companies that spend the most R & D
companies that spend the most R & D

prepared by my Turkishtime "R & D 250, Turkey's most R & D spending makes companies" most R & D expenditure of companies engaged in 2018 According to the survey, was ASELSAN with 2.162.839.458 pounds. This figure was 1 billion 674 million TL last year. ASELSAN allocates one quarter (24) of its total turnover to R & D.

The second row of R & D 250 has not changed: TUSAS, the national giant in the aviation industry. TAI, 2018 1 realm 575 million pounds spent R & D expenditure. The company's R & D expenditures exceeded 1 billion TL for the first time last year. Like ASELSAN, TUSAŞ allocates approximately one quarter (26) of its turnover to R & D.

FORD, the third in last year's R & D 250 research, maintained its position in the R & D 250 this year. The company spent 2018 million TL R & D in 666. Ford Otomotiv, Turkey's most exporting companies, as it is known list are also included in the summit. Without R & D, exporting to all over the world is not easy. The aviation industry achieved this success with an “open innovation” strategy.

The output of R & D are patents and useful products. Turkey's leaders by the number of patents taken out in the Vestel R & D center. VESTEL registered 437 patents as a result of the studies carried out in the R & D center. TURKCELL is second with 378 patent. The third place is a surprise company with 281 patent and TIRSAN, the well-established company of the automotive supplier industry.

companies that spend the most R & D
companies that spend the most R & D

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